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Zodiac Signs Behave On Every Weekend Trip

On every weekend trip

Aries: He realizes they packed six swimsuits but no clean underwear

the Bull: Rush inside the house without helping to unload the car so they can get the best room

Twins: Knows one way or another about all the local attractions and traditions of the city

cancer: Picks up everyone’s wet towels because their name is on the Airbnb rental site

Leo: He gets drunk at 3 p.m. and tries to rally the group to play drinking games

Virgo: Blows a fuse blocking an industrial fan they can’t sleep without

Balance: Take a bath in the claw-foot tub which is likely to be prohibited

The scorpion: He hears noises outside and starts telling ghost stories

Sagittarius: Really trying to connect with nature by skinny dipping

Capricorn: Struggles to follow his own ‘dismiss on weekends’ rule

Aquarius: He pretends to sleep in his room so they don’t have to go for a group walk

Pisces: He reads the map backwards and loses the entire convoy

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