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Why Your Challenges Don’t Expose Your Weaknesses, They Reveal Your Strengths

Life is full of challenges, and always will be, because that’s life. But no matter how hard it gets at times, you don’t always view challenges as a negative thing. Sometimes difficult times in your life can bring out your greatest strengths.

I want you to close your eyes and think about a difficult experience that is affecting you right now. Before you read any further, take this simple step to learn how the problem has bothered you. You may experience a range of emotions and I invite you to welcome them. Don’t push them away because they are uncomfortable. Allow them to attend because unpleasant feelings can teach us something of value if we are present for them.

Good, now open your eyes and let’s talk more about your problems. Fortunately, you are one of the billions of people on this earth who are fortunate enough to experience challenges. Are you lucky? Are you crazy Tony? How lucky am I to have problems? You are lucky because your challenges contain the seeds of opportunities that you have not yet discovered.

Challenges involve exponential growth and when we overcome them, we can never go back to our old way of life. It helps us recognize infinite possibilities and expand our range awareness – awareness. When I asked you to think about a current problem earlier, did you undoubtedly experience the negative feelings associated with it? And you’d be right to feel that way because the problem seems intractable where you stand.

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However, when you bridge the gap, it diminishes and you are able to see your challenges from a new perspective. You are unable to perceive your problem with this mindset now because you have not acquired what is necessary growth.

It is easy to see how the challenges we face reveal our weaknesses, but we should think about them differently: they also reveal our strengths. If we accept the feelings that arise, we can work through our challenges more effectively. For example, I remember working with a young woman named Jennifer within the coaching capacity. Every time she had difficulties in her life, she would call me crazy and explain how the situation was consuming her.

One day during a training session, I invited her to face her challenges without allowing her anxiety, fear, and frustration to overcome them. I asked her to welcome those feelings because they were trying to teach her something of value. Previously, she wanted to get rid of them because they didn’t feel good. And I understand it would feel that way, however, negative emotions can show us where we need to direct our attention.

Does this make sense? Are you comfortable with the idea that negative emotions serve a purpose and we don’t need to feel powerless because of them? She advised Jennifer to be aware of her response and not push the feelings away, because they were trying to teach her something important. Since she felt anxious and angry every time, that meant that the problem was important to her.

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It takes changing our response to remain calm rather than reacting to what is happening. We should react to our core emotions and work on problems rather than responding to them negatively.

Why don’t your challenges reveal your weaknesses, they reveal your strength

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