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Why Would A Young Child Contemplate Suicide?

Suicidal behaviors in the United States have escalated into a public health crisis that severely affects young people. Why does a young child think of suicide is the biggest question?

In this decade, a number of young children and adolescents were taken to emergency centers for Suicide attempt doubled compared to the previous decade. The average age of these children is only 13 years. The shocking rate of attempted suicide is a major cause for public concern; Medical experts fear that the number will only rise in the future until we determine the root of the problem.

Child psychologists have observed a high rate of suicide attempts over the years. What is alarming is that the majority of children admitted to hospitals to attempt suicide are between the ages of 5 and 11. stats from Center for Disease Control It was found that between 1999 and 2015, 1,309 children committed suicide; This is equivalent to one child committing suicide every day.

Why might a young child consider suicide?

The staggering numbers show that child suicides must be taken seriously. For a long time, adults have rejected the fact that young children understand the concept of death, but these alarming numbers say otherwise.

The high rate of child suicide forces adults to question why children commit suicide in the first place.

Here’s what the medical community has to say about the reasons why children commit suicide:

1. Children have an understanding of death

Search He found that children who have suicidal thoughts understand that all living things die, and know that death is permanent and that death involves the cessation of bodily functions.

Children who have suicidal thoughts often experience some form of violence in their lives. They are able to describe violent ways of death such as being shot, stabbed, or poisoned.

Parents can prevent suicidal thoughts in their children by keeping them away from violence.

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2. Mental health – behavioral disorders

Contrary to what many adults think, children can also feel hopeless and depressed. a study conducted in 2016 found that 60% of children who committed and attempted suicide had either ADHD or ADHD; 33% had depression.

Why might a young child consider suicide?

The same study found that children with ADHD had similar symptoms to adults with bipolar disorder. Bulimia in children younger than 6 years old can also increase their chances of suicide.

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If your child has expressed suicidal thoughts, has tantrums that can lead to violence or is showing signs of anxiety and depression, consider taking them to a child therapist.

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Written by: Jacqueline D. Pearce, LMHC
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Why might a young child consider suicide?

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