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Why The Honest Girl Is The Best Friend You Can Have

Are you best friends with the honest girl in your group? Well, then you should count yourself lucky, because they are the best kind of friends!

Friends should be two things – honest and eternal.

Honesty is a quality rarely found in a person. Having an inspirational person listening and offering advice at the same time is a rare phenomenon these days. Who among us does not value friendship with a real and rare person as a friend and confidant?

We all love it when a friend keeps it, especially the one who keeps it real and shares our sweet and sour relationship. It is true that sometimes we love to hear some irresistible lies in the form of compliments from our friends. It definitely makes our day better.

But when this turns into an established habit of smoothing out lies and dishonesty with your friend, it can jeopardize the friendship.

Why an honest girl is the best friend you can have

Friendship is a mutual blackmail that rises to the level of love.” — Robin Morgan

Friendship is a two-way communication. Don’t like her new dress? Spit it on her face. Do you think the guy you’re obsessing over isn’t good? Spill that too.

If you end up fighting, there’s always food to fix together!

This is the sign of a true friend.

Here are the reasons to befriend a real girl and a real soul mate:

1. Most of the time, the fake girls radar is going off on target.

You’ll find that often, honest people are very committed. Especially when it comes to saving your friend back. They turn into FBI agents who discover all the details of the people around you, especially those who are trying to win your heart, and your potential friends.

Your girlfriend will discover the traits of the stranger and be able to warn you about a new friend in class or even a friend in your neighborhood.

Bad company is exposed and warned. The surprising fact is that her advice is mostly foolproof and has already saved you from many disastrous circumstances.

2. They are the good Samaritans in your life.

Most little girls who like to dress up will find themselves cared for every now and then by a clique of fans or even friends.

But honest friends will tell you how you missed the cut by a very large margin and have lipstick on your teeth. Can you imagine the ridicule that always saves you from it?

If they find that your sense of fashion does not match the occasion or that the color of your lipstick makes you look like a vampire; They will point to you exactly; No mincing, no wetting.

3. They are your personal therapists.

Most honest girlfriends will tell you about your misbehavior and that you’ve fallen off the mark when it comes to doing certain things.

When you go through a delay, she won’t give up on you. These are the friends who stick with you even at your worst. Even if you are disappointed with your performance, they initiate confidence in you and motivate you to keep going.

Their advice on how to deal with life, with love and fall, seems worth more than any expert advice, simply because they know us so well.

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4. They are not stray back.

A true friend will not get angry and talk about your limitations behind your back. If you are not satisfied with your actions or behavior, a true friend will turn to you to settle scores face to face.

Loyal friends like these are rare and mature. Instead of reacting, resenting you and holding a grudge against you, they will do it vent their feelings during discussion with you.

They do not poison others with the bitterness that they feed you.

No matter how bad or bad your day is, an honest friend will stand by your shoulder to help you vent.

Loyal friends will help put a smile on your face and remind you now and then that you are very precious to them. No matter how cruel you are to these friends, they stay.

Being honest may not get you many friends but it will always get you the right ones.” – John Lennon

If it’s hard for you to find one for yourself, you can become one. It is indeed a huge responsibility.

If you want to know more about your friendship with an honest girl, check out this video below:

Why an honest girl is the best friend you can have
Why an honest girl is the best friend you can have

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