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Why “Feeling Seen” Can Help You Be More Authentic

Many sensitive children don’t feel seen by their parents, teachers, or families. Their sensibilities are treated as deviations from the norm rather than as precious and unique abilities. Many of us, as children, are told to “get thicker” or “tighten” skin, suggesting that something is wrong with our skin. sympathetic temper nature.

Growing up with the feeling of not being “seen” by their family can hurt an empathetic person’s self-confidence, which can lead to people-pleasing. These sensitive souls try to win love by receiving good graces for others. Also, they may feel responsible for someone’s emotional or physical state. People who are too complacent give up on themselves and crush their own needs and emotions.

In my book Thriving As An Empath, I discuss liberating the Sense of Capital and how to build your confidence.

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This means that others accept you just as you are. You are not judged, blamed, or belittled. In my psychotherapy practice, “seeing” a person is an important aspect of what I offer my patients.

When you are seen – really seen – you can breathe a sigh of relief. You don’t have to change. You don’t have to do anything differently. You are authentic and unapologetic, including your talents and areas in need of growth. It feels great to be accepted unconditionally.

Why “Feeling Seen” Can Help You Be More Authentic

You can begin to break out of the pattern of pleasing people by saying “no” to a small thing. Also, express your opinion on an issue (start with issues that are less emotionally charged), even if it differs from friends or families. Affirming yourself will build self-confidence. You don’t have to please people all the time. You deserve to be loved and respected for being who you really are.

Define your intent. Today, I will “see” myself with loving eyes. I’ll be with others who can “see” me, too. I will also find the right balance between expressing my own needs and supporting others.

Written By Judith Orloff, MD
Why “Feeling Seen” Can Help You Be More Authentic

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