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Who Is Your Mask And The Person Behind It? QUIZ

What mask are you wearing? No, it’s not about the face mask you use to protect against COVID. But the mask is dominant enough to hide your true self or some aspect of your personality. Take the face mask test to find out!

No matter how close we are to our friends and family, we never fully open up. We hide some parts of ourselves. is not it?

Well, there is nothing wrong with that! Some thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and opinions are better hidden, because the chances are high that people may perceive them the wrong way or misjudge your personality and nature.

The mind can be anythingWe all wear a mask that covers the part of our personality that we want to hide. Depending on the circumstances, we change or take off the face mask to reveal the real person behind it.

For example, to the world, you may be a charming, fun-loving, and laid-back person, but people rarely see your introverted and analytical side. Although you are social, you crave spending time alone and sometimes over-analyze things.

So, what does your mask look like?

Find out with this face mask test

At Mind Journal we love creating interesting tools and quizzes that help you learn better about yourself. This time, we have found for you a short and interesting face mask quiz that will reveal your hidden personality traits.

You just need to answer simple questions about yourself. be honest! Don’t think about questions for too long. Answer what is normal for you and the results will show who your mask is and the person behind it.

are you ready?

Start the test

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Who is your mask and the person behind it? a test
Who is your mask and the person behind it? a test

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