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Who Are You Really: Angel or Demon? Quiz

Who are you really? What is your true nature? Angel or demon? Here is a short personality test that will discover your true self in less than 10 questions.

Many people live without knowing who they are or what their inner selves are. The outer self is not really the same as the inner self.

It is important to know who you really are. why?

We prioritize the different relationships in our lives and play different roles to fulfill our responsibilities. We hardly realize that the most important relationship in this world is the relationship we have with ourselves.

You will be with you from cradle to grave. right? So, knowing who you really are is very important!

Otherwise, you will be prone to anxiety, insecurity, discomfort, dilemmas, validation quests, and anxiety. People without strong self-knowledge You tend to be dissatisfied in work, relationships and life. They always experience a feeling of something missing or wrong in their life.

Finding yourself is not rocket science! No, it won’t take you long to find out who you really are and whether you are a good or bad person.

At Mind Journal we are fond of self-discovery contests! Our motto is to help you know yourself better!

So here’s another quick test for you that will determine your true self.

Whatever the outcome, we won’t judge you! No human is perfect. Just enjoy playing the quiz.

Are you ready to look inside?

Start the test

Tell us in the comments what your real being really looks like

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Who are you really: angel or demon? a test
Who are you really: angel or demon? a test
Who are you really: angel or demon? a test
Who are you really: angel or demon? a test

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