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What’s Your Dominant Intelligence? QUIZ

Which intelligence is dominant for you?
Take this intelligence test to find out!

Intelligence has always been a controversial topic. Historically, we have had a fairly short view of the topic, and our putative measurements of intelligence have been very limited in the type of intelligence they refer to. We’ve since learned that categorizing intelligence is more difficult than we previously thought.

According to Howard Gardner of Harvard University, there Seven types of intelligence. According to his theory of multiple intelligences, we all have a dominant intelligence “way”, which reveals where you are most capable and successful!. He also said that each person may have a balanced mixture of the different types, or may be very strong or weak in one or more aspects.

For some people, dominant intelligence is considered normal. This means that they are humble, grounded, and have a strong connection to nature, animals, and their fellow human beings. They are also healers because of their empathetic perception of the world. They love others easily, support and nurture them.

Those whose musical intelligence is dominated by rhythmic, have a deep love and appreciation for music. Such people can naturally see rhythms everywhere and their musical talents are great. They can sing, play and make great music.

Do you want to know which intelligence is dominant or stronger in you?

Answer this IQ test

This is a short quiz with a maximum of 10 questions related to your hobbies, choices, party personality, inspiration, way of life, etc. Don’t think too much and try to answer spontaneously. Just be yourself! And in seconds we’ll reveal your answer.

are you ready?

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