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What Your Taste in Music Says About Your Personality: Quiz

Everyone loves music. Music stimulates, inspires and uplifts. But did you know that what you listen to can reveal your personality? Take this music personality quiz to find out what your taste in music reveals about you.

Music and character

There is no doubt that music plays an important role in our lives. In fact, Research He found that our personality is linked to our preference in music. When we listen to certain types of music, it affects our mood and personality.

A Cambridge University study found that empaths tend to prefer reflective, calm and sensual music. Logical individuals tend to listen to intense music such as punk rock, jazz, and classical music. The research also revealed that emotional people love to listen to music, which makes them feel a positive or negative emotional rush.

How does your character relate to your favorite music? Take this music personality quiz to find out.

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What does science say?

One Study 2018 By Gideon Nave and colleagues they found that our musical preferences can predict our personality. The study concluded, “Overall, our findings demonstrate the robustness and extrinsic validity of the links between musical and personal preferences.”

Another study by Heriot-Watt University discovered that certain musical styles such as pop, rap, hip-hop, country, classical, indie, rock, blues, heavy metal, and dance are associated with certain personality traits. Researcher Adrian North believes that because our tastes in music reflect our personality and attitudes, we often feel defensive about our musical preferences. We let music define us and tend to use it to connect with others.

One 2014 study Psychologists Jason Rentfro and Sam Gosling have found that understanding the type of music you like can help you accurately predict your personality. “Researchers have found that people can make accurate judgments about an individual’s levels of extroversion, creativity, and openness after listening to 10 of their favorite songs,” says educational consultant and author Kendra Cherry, MS.

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However, your personality can also affect the type of music you listen to. else Scientific study by Malgorzata Kopacz found that personality traits can “influence preferences regarding musical elements.” The researcher stated: “Statistical analysis shows that some personality traits: liveliness (factor F), sociability (factor H), vigilance (factor L), openness to change (factor Q1), extraversion (general factor) have an influence on preferences related to with musical elements.

So, what do your favorite types of music and artists reveal about a person’s psyche? A smartly designed Musical Personality Test can help you find out.

Take the Musical Personality Quiz

Have you ever judged others based on the music they listen to? Do others decide what kind of person you are based on your favorite music? Yes, they do as you do. Music can tell a lot about you to the world and the people you meet.

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This fun little music personality test was developed by experts to help you discover what your taste in music reveals about you. Just answer a few simple questions about yourself and your musical preferences, and we’ll give you the most accurate results.

So don’t think too much and take this intriguing Musical Personality Quiz right now. You may be surprised how accurate the answer is.

Share your result with your friends and family and be sure to comment below.

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What does your taste in music say about your personality: quiz

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