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What Your Favorite Lipstick Color Says About You

Are you addicted to lipstick? Are you attracted to a particular lipstick shade that you like to wear most of the time? Your preferences for a particular lipstick color can reveal a lot about your personality.

Color psychology talks a lot about how each shade determines the type of woman you are. This lipstick personality test helps you to see your inner beauty as the shade you choose reflects your personality.

It’s part of our routine. We wake up in the morning and make sure to put some color on our lips, and check in the mirror during the day to reapply. We make sure our lipstick color matches our personality and makeup before we head out.

But did you know that your chosen lipstick color says something about your personality type and how other people perceive you?

it’s the truth. Your lipstick color matches the color Personal. I don’t know how many times I changed my lipstick based on my mood and how I was feeling on that particular day. So, lipstick says a lot about who you are.

Best lipstick colors according to personality type

1. Bold Red and Orange

Bold Reds & Orange Lipstick

If this is your favorite color, it means that you are creative, bold, adventurous, emotional and confident enough to dabble in the shade that attracts attention. You are bold and ambitious, and you won’t let things like convention slow you down.

2. Perfect Pink

Perfect pink lipstick color

This shade lets everyone know that you are sociable, friendly, and open-minded. You are the attractive type – not just in appearance but in character, and people love being around you. You tend to make people smile and you try to see the excitement in the little things.

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3. Natural nudes and soft pink

Soft pink and natural lipstick color personality

You are loving, friendly, childish and mature at the same time. You tend to empathize and empathize with others, and are ready to take a leap of faith – especially when it comes to it trust others. You can be a little shy but once you open up, people can’t get enough of your warm personality.

4. Raspberry and peach

Raspberry and peach lipstick character

You have no problem letting the world know that you are cultured, independent, reliable, and driven, while still being bold and daring. You don’t want to be just another face in the crowd, but you do want to grab attention in a classy way.

The easy way you can go from brunch and museums to gothic and innovative makes you the person your friends go to for advice on all things fashion.

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