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What The Last Digit Of Your Birth Year Reveals About Your Personality

Pseudo-numerology is an interesting topic. Much has been said and written about it. You may also have your own questions and views on this topic. If you are interested in this interesting branch of science, this particular information may or may not surprise you. But did you know that the last digit of your year of birth holds significance in your personality traits, life choices, and intelligence?

Also, each number is associated with a specific element of nature. Elements in the natural sciences play a central role in the propagation and mechanisms of various cycles.

Read on to find out the secrets and traits revealed by the last number of your year of birth.

Here’s what the last number of your year of birth reveals about your personality

1. 0-1

Born in 1950, 1960, 2000, 1971, 1981, 2011 etc.

People born in these years have the element of metal.

Metals are generally characterized by their hard, malleable and ductile nature. Similarly, people born with the last number 0 or 1 in their year of birth are strong and flexible in nature. Like some minerals that can be formed into many forms, these people are free-spirited and adaptable in character. However, despite being ambitious, they remain strong in their values.

Their desire for luxury and possessions is a setback though. Like starting numbers 0 or 1, they never hold back on their motivation and always prefer to be the best at everything they do. All Metals Note: Losing sometimes is not a problem. Don’t be hard on yourself!

2. 2-3

Born in 1952, 1962, 2002, 1973, 1983, 2003 etc.

People born in these years have the element of Water.

People with 2-3 as the last number in their year of birth are artistic and creative. They are resourceful and use their resources to help others. These people are very Compassionate and sympathetic for the welfare of others. The water cannot be stagnant. Likewise, these people are always on the move. You will always find these people doing one thing or the other.

However, they are suckers for details. They will pick out even the tiniest mistakes and play them for hours. This makes it difficult to deal with them. Water O Water Learn how to put curtains on the details!

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3. 4-5

He was born in the years 1954, 1964, 2004, 1975, 1985, 2005 etc.

People born in these years have the element Wood.

Come what these people may be convinced to stand strong in the face of opponents. They are also by nature knowledgeable. They will always have some interesting information or knowledge to share. Their experiences and knowledge in various matters inspire others to handle life decision making. Naturally, such people have a very active social life.

People born with 4 or 5 in their year of birth as the last number are very royal though! For loved ones they can twist and do whatever they see best in this situation. Hey Wood, you can’t solve every problem for everyone, okay!

4. 6-7

Born in 1956, 1966, 2006, 1977, 1987, 2007 etc.

People born in these years have the element of fire.

People with the number 6 or 7 as the last year of their birth are very passionate beings. Like fire, they are adventurous, impulsive and reckless. Its beauty and luster fascinate everyone around them. They have an innate sensuality in them that attracts fans (regardless of gender) from all sides like a moth attracted to a flame!

And oh yes! They are flames. When you’re in a relationship, their partners have a hard time keeping all the fans away. On the negative side, these people focus a lot on the very small things. Dear fire don’t stress too much, enjoy life!

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5. 8-9

Born in 1958, 1968, 2008, 1979, 1989, 2009 etc.

People born in these years have the element of Earth.

People born with 8 0r 9 in their year of birth as the last number are the most stable beings. They are reliable, patient, cautious and loyal. They are, in fact, very self-sacrificing. It is logical and practical. These qualities make them successful in most of the projects they undertake.

However, they do have trust issues. They do not trust easily. They can also be very controlling and stubborn. Relax on the floor! Take a deep breath and learn to let go and live in the moment.

It’s all in numbers! Numbers have all the answers. What does your last number say about you? Delving into numerology can tell you about a lot of things related to your career, health, love life, and life in general. Play with some numbers, will you do that then?

What does the last number of your year of birth reveal about your personality?

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