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What Karl Koch’s Tree Test Can Reveal About Your Personality

Do you want to explain your personality or someone else’s? Then the Karl Koch tree test may be just what you need. It is a common psychological test that reveals important emotional information.

What is the Karl Koch tree test?

Tree test, also known as Baum . test The Koch test, is a common test drop test Which psychologists universally use to assess a person’s personality and underlying emotional state.

This tree personality test was originally developed by a Swiss psychologist and consultant Dr. Charles (Carl) Koch in the 1950s. The test is designed in such a way that it can be used by anyone with ease. This is one reason why the Koch test is generally used with children. However, this test can also be used by adults as it is an interesting and useful self-analysis tool that can help you understand your personality.

One of the greatest benefits of this test is that the Baum test can be performed and applied to different types of people with different mentalities and personalities. It allows us to better understand our emotions. Projective tests, such as this one, are generally used as effective clinical and psychological tools that help professionals and experts collect important data about how some patients perceive themselves and their lives. Similar to the Draw-a-Person test or the Rorschach test, the tree-drawing test is also used as a supplemental test.

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How to use Karl Koch’s Tree Test

It is one of the simplest and easiest tests to perform for both experts and patients. If you want to try Karl Koch’s Tree Test As a self-assessment tool, all you have to do is draw a tree with its crown, branches, leaves, trunk and roots. Once completed, you can analyze the drawing based on the criteria provided by the test. This tree was specifically chosen by Dr. Koch because of its symbol. In most regions and cultures, trees are mythologically suggestive and indicative figures closely associated with nature and humans. When we draw a tree, we are not only drawing what we saw, but also tapping into our inner core, which is closely related to nature and the symbolism of trees.

Can drawing a tree reveal your true feelings? Take the Karl Koch tree test

The Karl Koch tree test can be used by anyone over the age of six. All you need are the specific basic motor skills and cognitive skills required to draw a picture. But you don’t need to be an artist or draw well to apply this psychological test. The process begins with providing colored pencils, paper and an eraser for the person to draw a tree with its branches, trunk and roots. However, sometimes a person may also be asked to illustrate two separate drawings of trees:

  1. The first one they can draw any way they like
  2. The second drawing should be different from the first tree

Analyzing two different tree drawings made by the same person can allow experts to make a better analysis of their personality and emotions. Depending on the skills and requirements of the person, a time duration of 10-30 minutes can be allocated. Sometimes, the individual may also be asked to write an accompanying short essay regarding the pictured tree.

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Once completed, the psychologist performs the tree test analyzing various aspects of the illustration along with the person’s attitude, behavior, body language and comments while making the drawing. The drawings are then rated from “very immature” to “very mature” and essay scores are scored as either reverse, normal, or advanced.

What can you analyze using the Karl Koch tree test

Karl Koch Tree Quiz requires that we create a drawing of a tree and use colors to generate a character using only our imaginations on a piece of paper. This process can give us insight into the way we think, our attitude, and our personality style. However, it can also help us understand their emotional history and condition as well. Moreover, the projective test helps in understanding their sensitivity, vulnerability, lack or presence of internal conflicts, and their mental and emotional stability in life.

According to psychoanalysts, the Baum test can also help in understanding the subconscious and the basic structure of the psyche. One Study 2015 It states that the Karl Koch tree test has been shown to be successful in diagnosing cognitive impairments and dementia. The study indicates that “Trees drawn by cognitively impaired patients differ from those drawn by healthy subjects with gradual differentiation from mild to more relevant degrees of cognitive impairment.

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Can drawing a tree reveal your true feelings? Take the Karl Koch tree test

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