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When it comes to Dealing with heartbreak Or break up in a romantic relationship, it doesn’t matter whether you are the one who was abandoned or you started the breakup. It hurts either way.

But let’s focus on infidelity in romantic relationships. This is where the concept of hysterical bonding comes into the picture. When it comes to the phenomenon of hysterical bonding, although it is a relatively less explored topic, it is very important to learn about hysterical bonding after cheating.

If you find out that your lover has cheated on you, this realization can have a huge impact on you. Infidelity in romance can open a person to a large number of overwhelming feelings.

The common reaction to Infidelity in romantic relationships It is the experience of overwhelming sadness, physical pain, confusion, sadness, anger, etc. However, sometimes people who have been cheated on by their romantic partners may experience a completely different set of feelings.

This is where the phenomenon of hysterical bonding becomes important. So, if you’ve recently been cheated on by your lover and you’re not experiencing the normal range of emotions and reactions you should have, read on. You might even be wondering: How long does the hysterical bonding phase last?

It’s definitely worth your time to learn about what hysterical bonding is, some of the reasons why hysterical bonding is after a relationship, getting over it, and more.

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What is a hysterical association?

When it comes to hysterical association, although not extensively researched, it is a phenomenon that is easy to relate to.

Simply, when you are in romantic relationship And your partner is cheating on you with your betrayal, you may have this strong desire to get them back. This is because you may feel a strong attraction to your lover after he cheated on you.

The deep desire to restore the partner’s feelings after betrayal is called hysterical bonding. This is most common in connection with infidelity of a sexual nature.

Therefore, a person who has been sexually betrayed by his loved ones indulges in sexual experiences with his partner. Increase the frequency of sex and the feeling that The quality of sexual intimacy It is best often associated with hysterical association.

Let’s look at the various signs of hysterical bonding after a romantic and/or sexual relationship. Here are the tags:

  • You may find yourself pondering the details of your sexual infidelity encounter(s).
  • A person who has been cheated may feel strong feelings of lack of self-confidence.
  • You may feel a deep desire to forgive your partner no matter what they do, just so they stay put.
  • You desperately want to do whatever it takes to get your lover back.
  • Strong feelings of hopelessness.
  • You may feel the need to satisfy your partner sexually.
  • You resort to sexual experiences to win back your partner.
  • You feel that your sex life has improved significantly.
  • You find yourself starting to have sex more often. More firmness in the bedroom.
  • You keep thinking about the infidelity incident(s) constantly, no matter what.

How do you overcome hysterical bonding?

The important question to ask about hysterical bonding is: is hysterical bonding good or bad? You may find yourself annoyed by this question, especially if you are thinking of overcoming this phenomenon.

Common sense dictates that if the tendency is good, there is no point in overcoming it. Embracing her makes sense. However, if the tendency is not able to adapt to your presence, the right thing to do is to try to overcome it.

Let’s understand how hysterical bonding occurs. The desire to get your lover back after he cheated on you may come from a place where you feel that you weren’t good enough for your beloved’s affections.

So, low self-esteem Facilitates this trend. You may feel that your partner cheated on you because of something you did.

But the truth is, when it comes to being cheated on, it’s something your partner did and it has nothing to do with you or anything you’ve done.

So, the main way to deal with infidelity in an adaptive way is to understand and accept that you have nothing to do with what happened.

So, if you find yourself wondering: Could Hysterical bonding saves marriageThe answer is no.

6 Causes of Hysterical Bonding

Let’s get into the main causes of hysterical bonding:

1. Addressing infidelity (in terms of forgiving the partner)

While it’s a great idea to take the time to slowly process your betrayal, your end goal is essential here. If your ultimate goal is to forgive your partner for the betrayal as quickly as possible, you will likely engage in a hysterical bond.

Although the ultimate goal of being cheated is definitely forgiveness, remember that forgiveness should be yours. You have to remember that your partner made a decision that could lead to them losing you.

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2. Believing that an impressive sex life is the key to commitment

Yes, a satisfying sex life is very important in a romantic relationship. surely. But sex is not the only important aspect Committed long-term relationship. You may also have the impression that your partner was not satisfied with the sexual intimacy in the relationship.

Infidelity may be attributed to an unsatisfactory sex life. This is why people engage in hysterical bonding and try to compensate for their perceived lack of sexual satisfaction through sexual experiences.

3. You find your partner highly desirable

Many people believe that their partner’s betrayal of them means that their partner should be a very desirable and attractive person to others.

Such people believe that if their partner is not sexually attractive and desirable by others, then infidelity will not be possible. This in turn causes the cheated partner to engage in hysterical bonding tendencies.

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4. You can attribute infidelity to something you did

Low self-esteem (from one person in a romantic relationship or both) can lead to a lot Relationship issues. If a partner who has fallen victim to relationship betrayal in the form of sexual/emotional infidelity suffers from low self-esteem, he may believe that he was not good enough for his partner.

These people may try to compensate for this by engaging in a hysterical bond with their partner because they think they were the cause of the infidelity.

5. “Reply” the beloved

People who are prone to hysterical bonding often believe that there are certain ways to mark one’s territory in romantic matters. In the face of infidelity, these people may think that having sex with them is a great way to win back their lover. Hence, hysterical bonding.

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6. Intimacy/attachment equals sex

Many people are under the impression that the term intimacy is synonymous with sex. Although sex is an essential part of intimacy, there are other aspects Distinctive forms of intimacy.

Sex alone is not a suitable substitute for communication and/or intimacy. Take a look at this video for an insight into sex and intimacy:

Hysterical bonding is not a sex thing. It doesn’t matter your gender and gender. All of the above reasons may explain why you are engaging in hysterical bonding. So, the answer to the question “Do men experience a hysterical bonding after an affair?” yes.

5 ways to deal with hysterical bonding

Now that you are well aware of the possible causes of hysterical bonding, you are ready to learn about some proven remedies to beat this trend. Here are 5 proven methods for successfully overcoming and overcoming hysterical bonding:

1. Processing your feelings

The thing about hysterical bonding is that along with the weird feelings, you’ll also feel the shared feelings of breaking up.

Not rushing to tackle the infidelity part is essential. Even if your beloved asks you for forgiveness, do not rush into it. This is about you.

2. Focus on yourself

When you have been cheated on and faced with a tendency to engage in sexual experiences, a great way not to do so would be a good time focus on yourself. Engaging in mindfulness-based self-care habits is a great option.

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3. Is forgiveness the way to go?

As mentioned earlier, focus on forgiving yourself first. Your priority doesn’t have to be forgiving your partner first. It’s about youConsider other options available to you in relation to other potential partners.

4. Take your time away

Acting as if nothing has changed and everything is fine with your partner immediately after infidelity is not really the way to go. It sets the ideal situation for hysterical bonding to occur.

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5. Consider psychotherapy

One of the best things you can do on your own to cope with hysterical bonding is to opt for psychotherapy. Experience working with an unbiased mental health expert and coach like no other.


Remember these above methods for overcoming hysterical bonding. It will help you improve in your romantic relationships.

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