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What Happens When We Meet Ours

Twin flames come into our lives like fire that rises from the earth, that is, unexpectedly.

A famous quote by life coach and transformational author Mimi Novik mentions soulmates:

“We think we meet someone with our eyes. But we actually meet them with our soul.”

Our eyes are a mirror of our souls and when we dig deeper, we can chat with our double flame, soul mate or karmic partner.

Have you ever felt a complete recognition of someone new in a relationship, as if you had met that person before?

Was the sense of belonging—and being in complete harmony with that person—natural and flowing?

Did you fall in love that, at first glance, seemed like no word was needed – as if just being together was the end result?

Then, if we encounter any of the above, it means that we have encountered the double flame.

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But what exactly is a double flame?

How is it different from a soul mate?

First of all, it is worth noting the differences between a twin flame and a soul mate.

The double flame has a deep magnetism and reflects a divine connection. The soul was one until it separated into two different bodies. At the reunion, the feeling of acquaintance prevails.

A soul mate has no divine connection and has a different energy level than ours. Soulmates appear in our lives to make us evolve, change, and embrace new things in our lives.

The beauty of a soul mate can translate into a deep friendship or romantic partnership. But in the case of a double flame, the connection is deeper and more intense, reminiscent of the well-known and long-awaited spirit of the past.

Second, if we find a double flame, it will likely vibrate our mind, body, and spirit in different ways.

Encountering with our double flame will make us feel relaxed, emotionally connected to external energy levels, and a connection that lasts as long as it exists forever.

When confronted with a twin flame, the eyes and soul communicate instantly, bodies are just physical forms in which our souls are trapped. But body sensations also feel dynamic in the case of a twin flame relationship.

A deep sense of “it’s all good” and that the emotions, sensations, feelings, and love that pervade and hold naturally within both bodies (but the same soul) arise.

Soul’s Journey

When we return to a new body, we meet people with different energies that will teach us something in our lives so that our souls can develop. The journey of the soul begins long ago and continues from one body to another.

The challenge is to recognize the symbols sent to us from the universe. We don’t choose our body, we have one soul that permeates that body for a limited time – time to challenge us for, eventually and inevitably, a better version of ourselves.

The progression of the soul can take years, centuries, thousands of years. When faced with a double flame, the sensation of returning to something deep and powerful that has no age is true.

Soul’s Journey guides us toward finding soulmates and twin flames for a reason: to challenge us, to advance, to make our soul evolve toward something new, better, and more beautiful.

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