What Eating Cheese Does to Your Waistline

Cheese is everywhere. It’s on your pasta, in your omelette, it’s pushed into a sandwich, and it can even be sprinkled on your salads. With so many types of cheese to choose from, it’s easy to incorporate slice, crumble, sprinkle or chop into your dishes all day – every day. Although cheese gets both good and bad reputations insofar as it affects your health, if you’re looking to lose weight, you may be wondering what dairy can do to your waistline.

According to one of our Board of Medical Experts registered dietitians, Lisa YoungPh.D., RDNauthor Finally full, finally skinny And the share cashier planAnd the Cheese can have a positive and negative effect on your waistline.

“Cheese can be good for your waistline or bad, depending on how you include it in your diet,” Dr. Young explains.

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