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What Does Your Taste In Men Say About You? โ€“ Psychological Test

There are different types of men in this world. What type of guy do you find most attractive? Did you know that your taste in men speaks a lot about your personality?

What are your common preferences when choosing your men? Do you focus more on outward appearance or more on their personality traits?

Prefer some girls well builtDo you prefer the same? Or are you more attracted to simple and petite men? Do you like guys who look like a nerd or those who have a cool style?

Your choice of men can speak a lot about your outlook on life, your general attitude and also about the way you work yourself.

Most of the time, the things and people we love are a reflection of ourselves. Men who attract you the most because you see in them a slice of yourself. Lean towards traits similar to yours.

So, your taste in men and the type of dating you prefer reveals whether you are shy and emotional or bold and extroverted etc.

So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to find out what your taste in men says about you?

Look at the photos of these delicious foods in the options and choose one for yourself. Your choice will tell you your personality type.

Click “Let’s Play” to get started.

Remember to share your results in the comments section.

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What does your taste in men say about you? Psychological test
What does your taste in men say about you? Psychological test

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