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They Say Life Doesn’t Come With An Instructions Manual

Growing up in Russia, we had a saying at every event, it seems. Time and time again our parents, teachers, and relatives reinforced it, rooting it in our very being. I use these easy-to-remember sayings to help me live. I think my life came with the Instruction Manual.

Here are the five common sayings, or rather idiomatic expressions.

It may look strange after translation, but the message is still clear.

1. “Without effort you will not even fish in the pond.”

This is very clear – to get anything, you have to make the effort. I also like the quote from Sarah Blakely, founder and CEO of Spanx, “The difference between people who achieve their dreams and those who don’t is simple. It’s about work.”

2. “Better late than ever.”

This is common in many languages ​​and it is true! So follow your dreams and reach for those stars no matter your age. Stop making excuses! Be an example.

3. “Live for a century, learn for a century.”

I am very grateful for my childhood in Russia. A love of books and learning was rooted in my existence! When he gave me life lessons, my parents often told me what book to read as a certain character in a similar situation. They also cherished the wisdom of the elders.

4. “Everything is good in its time.”

But I want it now, lol! William Langland coined the term ‘patience is a virtue’. I have to remind myself that when amazon delivery is delayed the same day.

5. “Measure seven times, cut once.”

Although it originated from carpentry and embroidery, I apply it to my emails. Once I hit send, it disappears and cannot be undone. You’ll save time and effort by checking things over and over.

Do you have any sayings that you come back to frequently? I love hearing new people from different cultures.

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