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The Differences Between Third and Fifth Dimensional Relationships

Relationships are an important part of our lives. Each of us wants to maintain long-term relationships that will stand the test of time. Relationships are not only an investment in people but also an investment of time, space and energy. What we didn’t realize is that there are two types of relationships: the third dimension relationship and the fifth dimension relationship.

Haven’t you heard of them?

Third-dimensional relationships usually aim to break down. This is because a 3D human being aims to understand the complexities of loss and grief.

This is because humanity has fallen for this. We agreed that we would have relationships that would harm us. This is exactly what makes us human.

On the other hand, fifth-dimensional relationships maintain themselves. The people you share the bond of relationship with from the fifth dimension are your soul mates.

They will stay with you, no matter what, and they will stay with you, not because of your wealth or material possessions but because of the fact that they are connected to you deep down. These people will nourish your soul and give you peace and contentment.

Your level of intimacy (which many of us consider to be the foundation of a relationship) can help you see what kind of relationship you are in.

Here are 5 differences between 3rd and 5th dimensional relationships

1. On the basis of reason and reason versus purpose and connection.

Three-dimensional relationships are just illusions. Deep down when we create them, we know they are doomed which is why we choose the people with whom things will eventually fall apart. It is just a physical intimate relationship, not a deep spiritual relationship.

The third dimension relationships are based on logic and reason. People in such relationships continue to cling to a false hope of improvement and when little improvement occurs, they feel very happy.

But what they don’t realize is that a little bit of improvement means absolutely nothing. They continue to fall into the traps of delusion even after this realization.

Fifth-dimensional relationships are based on purpose and connection between the soul, not the body. This means that what binds people together in a fifth dimension relationship is the feeling that they have a goal to achieve that can only be achieved when they are together.

This means that they feel complete when they are together and that completeness is not only of the body but is the experience of the soul.

2. Superficial intimacy versus emotional and emotional intimacy.

Three-dimensional relationships require a lot of physical effort. This not only means effort in terms of sex but it also means that third dimensional relationships are stressful for people.

This is because they are just physical experiences and not on any spiritual level.

Thus, they can be very tiring. The irony is that even after exhausting themselves completely, people in three-dimensional relationships do not feel completely satisfied, and because of this lack of satisfaction, people enter into new third-dimensional relationships. It really is a vicious circle out of nowhere if you look at it.

On the other hand, fifth-dimensional relationships satisfy the senses and nurture the soul. They make you feel fulfilled and whole and that means that you are not only satisfied but you are also so full of creativity and novelty, that you exude it and release it into the outside world.

You will be like a flower that pleases everyone with its fragrance and beauty. This is the magic of the fifth dimension relationship.

If you ask yourself, “What do I get from this relationship?” You will know what kind of relationship you are in. A relationship with a third dimension will feel like an achievement. You want to showcase this achievement and you want people to see what you have achieved.

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You’ll also want other people to be jealous of your relationship, but eventually you’ll realize it’s a huge farce because your relationship will only be based on recognizing this relationship as a success.

On the other hand, the fifth dimension relationship does not need any external validation. The only validation you need is a sense of inner contentment, peace and contentment on all levels. You wouldn’t even want to brag about her because deep down you know she pleases you and that’s all that matters.

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