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The Best Way To Seduce Each Zodiac Sign

How do you seduce them?

Insert your initials into the heart on the side of their car

the Bull: Build a fully equipped hideout and lock yourself inside

Twins: Save the encyclopedia and accidentally bring a new fact into the conversation every day

cancer: Make them a homemade bubble onesie and be so cute

Leo: Tattoo a detailed picture of them on your heart

Virgo: Take them on a date to the container shop

Balance: Writing their name in the dictionary as an adjective meaning “example of beauty and grace”

The scorpion: Tie yourself with leather belts and lie on their doorstep

Sagittarius: Buy plane tickets to Thailand but in the middle of the trip pull out two parachutes

Capricorn: Create a Google Doc that includes the entire Romance chronology and give them the ability to ‘Edit’

Aquarius: Set up a kissing booth and offer to plant a tree for each kiss

Pisces: Read your diary aloud to them and don’t skip the sad parts

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