The #1 Best Snack for Blood Sugar, Says Dietitian

It’s no secret that controlling blood sugar levels is important, especially for those with prediabetes or those with a diabetes diagnosis. Unstable blood sugar levels over time have been linked to Heart disease, vision loss and kidney disease. Since food directly affects blood sugar, choosing what to eat can seem daunting โ€” even when it comes to choosing an afternoon snack.

However, health experts recommend snacking at consistent levels, especially snacks that contain a healthy balance of macronutrients. we asked Lisa YoungPh.D., RDNauthor Finally full, finally skinny and a member of our Medical Expert Council, to share the best snack to eat if you’re looking to stabilize your blood sugar levels – and it’s so easy to get.

The best blood sugar snack is An apple with your favorite nut butter“,” says Young. “Fruit provides fiber and nut butter provides protein and fat, which is the perfect combination for keeping blood sugar steady.”

Read on, and for more tips on healthy eating, check out the #1 best berries for high blood sugar.

Protein, fat and fiber keep your levels steady.

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It is important to get an adequate amount of the three main nutrients in your diet – carbohydrates, protein and fats. However, eating a high amount of carbohydrates is what causes your levels to rise because carbohydrates are converted into sugar during digestion and sent into the bloodstream. While reducing carbohydrate intake helps manage blood sugar levels, eating enough protein and fat can also help keep glucose levels stable.

Protein has little effect on blood sugar levels, according to Jocelyn diabetes mellitus. Foods that are high in protein can take up to four hours to be digested, which is a much slower process than carbohydrates. Fats (the healthy kind, like what you find in nuts and nut butters) also slow down digestion, delaying the rise in glucose levels because it takes longer to digest.

Although fiber is not technically a macronutrient, it is an important carbohydrate component that also benefits those looking to manage glucose levels. Fiber cannot be broken down into sugar moleculesmaking high-fiber snacks a healthy option for controlling blood sugar.

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