The #1 Best Food to Stop Hair Loss

Hair loss is very frustrating because it can be difficult to prevent or manage. It can also feel defeated because often you may not know the reason behind it. Yes, losing some hair is normal to the aging process, but there are other possible factors such as genes, nutrient deficiencies, stress, or other underlying issues.

While some of these factors are more difficult to manage than others, incorporating more of the right nutrients into your daily diet may be a helpful way to prevent further hair loss.

according to Lauren Manaker, MS, RDNauthor First-time mommy-to-be cookbook And the fueling male fertilityAnd the “One of the best foods to support hair health is eggs, specifically egg yolks.”

Read on to find out how eggs can help with hair loss, and for more healthy aging tips, check out what the science says about foods that actually slow aging.

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Eggs contain nutrients and vitamins that may help promote your hair growth. According to Maniker, “Eggs are a natural source of biotin, a granulated nutrient that supports healthy hair.”

Biotin is a type of B vitamin that, apart from eggs, can be found in meat, animal organs, fish, seeds, and nuts. In one egg you’ll get about 10 mcg, which is 33% of the recommended daily value. according to National Institutes of Health, which is almost the highest in biotin, second only to beef liver. And let’s face it, eggs are a little easier to incorporate into your meals than liver!

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