Skipping Breakfast Tied to Higher Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Although nutritionists, doctors, and parents have advised for years that a nutritious breakfast is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, many people overlook the morning meal. In fact, a Survey of the NPD group She reported that 1 in 10 Americans do not eat breakfast.

a Review published in November 2018 in Nutrition Journal From the American Dietetic Association contributes to data Finding that breakfast is good for the body. The study suggests that skipping breakfast just one day a week may increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 6 percent.

Missing the morning meal four to five days a week raises this risk by 55 percent.

Sabrina Schlesinger, MA, PhDD., chair of the Beginners Systematic Reviews Group at the German Diabetes Center in Dusseldorf, and her colleagues analyzed health information from six different observational studies representing more than 90,000 individuals. Of these, 4,935 people developed diabetes.

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