Short, Medium, and Long Hair

Thin hair can affect your self-esteem, make your hairstyles fall out, and even make you age. But you don’t just have to deal with it—you can get the curls to make your thinness less noticeable with added waves, loose curls, and coils.

Different types of perm for fine hair

To help you get started, we’ll introduce you to several types of perms for fine hair, the pros and cons, and more. Let’s get right into it!

What is a perm?

Perming is a chemical hair treatment designed to add permanent curl to smooth hair. The main ingredients of perm are rollers/bars, perm lotion, and equalizer.

Perm lotion is a chemical that breaks down the natural structure of hair by breaking its internal bonds. It also makes hair resilient and ready for reshaping.

After rinsing off the perm lotion, a neutralizer is applied to the hair. Reconstructs and repairs hair in rollers/rods that your hair is wrapped around. Some wrinkles require heat, while others generate their own heat.

Also, it can be worn by women with any hair length, including short hair, medium length, and long hair.

NB: Sometimes, people refer to wrinkles as relaxants, but relaxants are different. While curlers can be used to straighten hair in some cases, the primary function of curlers is to add tight curls to smooth hair.

On the other hand, hair straighteners are specifically designed to permanently straighten frizzy hair. Some people mistakenly consider straightening creams to be “straight curlers” designed to alter the pattern of natural curls.

What is a body wave perm?

The wavy body wave (sometimes called wavy curl) is very popular right now because it goes so well with the boho style that is all the rage.

A perm transforms your thinning hair into beautiful shaggy wavy hair that has a slightly rounded appearance but not enough to be considered a spiral.

Although body wave creates relatively loose waves, you will be surprised at how much volume it can create.

The waves are created by wrapping your hair in a big way flexible barsAnd the Curlformersperm bars, or rollers and treated with your chosen perm solution and equivalent.

What are perm beach waves?

A beach perm wave is similar to a body wave in that the curls are created using large rollers. However, the main difference is that the hair is wrapped loosely before applying a perm lotion.

The resulting beach waves will have a less rounded shape than body wave curls and an easy “in” quality now.

A beach wave (sometimes called soft waves) may not give you more volume than the bouncy of a body wave. However, if all you need is a slight increase in size, a file beach wave perm It may be exactly what you need.

What is a perm coil?

Spiral curlers are more traditional, leaving you with tighter, even curls. Some people shy away from this type of curl because it can make your hair look unnatural in some cases.

But if you choose a reputable hairstylist who knows how to properly set your hair, you can get away with thick natural curls.

Spiral curls give your thinning hair a massive boost—the most dramatic change out of all the perm types mentioned in this article.

You can personalize your spiral curls by choosing different bobbin sizes – choose straw size curls for larger curls or bigger curls (pavement chalk sized markers) for more subtle change.

What is perm root?

As its name suggests, a rootstock is a type of perm that focuses only on the hair roots. Consider this type of curl if your hair is a little on the fine side and you want more volume at the roots.

There are two types of root curls you can choose from, including Korean root curls and root curls. Touch up is a maintenance technique that adds curls to your new growth after you’ve already had a full wave.

With a Korean rootstock, you or your stylist will go through the perming process while you just apply the rollers to your roots (the rest of your hair will stay not wet).

When you have a rootstock, you don’t have to tease your hair, blow-dry it upside down, or use any other technique to add volume to your roots.

What is polymorphic wrinkle?

Polymorphous perm is the most versatile and natural type. Uses more than one roller size (small and large rollers) to create curls that mimic natural layered hair.

the majority Naturally curly girls You have Multiple hair texturesAnd a multi-patterned perm mimics this.

When you talk to your stylist before getting your curls, you can share with them whether you want the majority of your curls to be small, medium, or large.

You can also choose beach waves or body waves in different sizes. it’s your choice!

What is a spot perm?

Topical curling is excellent for fine hair because it does not require curling all of your hair. Concentrate on one or more spots and leave the rest of your hair as is.

If you have thinning hair (or fine hair) and you’re concerned about the effects full-on curling might have on your hair, a spot curler may be your best bet.

Curly hair: the pros and cons

Now that you know about some of the most common curls available to those with fine hair, let’s get into some of the pros and cons of curly hair.


  • Size and body. Curls give you instant curls, semi-permanent waves or coils that make your thin hair look thicker with added texture.
  • Confidence. With better-looking hair, you’ll feel better about yourself, resulting in greater confidence and a more positive overall outlook.
  • Easier design. When your hair is permed, you don’t have to face the headache of adding volume to your hair manually. You don’t have to prep your hair at night or spend hours on your hair in the morning since your hair The hair will be thick when you wake up!
  • Saving Money. Since your hair won’t require a lot of daily styling, you won’t need to use many styling products and tools. This saves you cash.


  • weak hair Curls can leave your hair vulnerable due to the process your hair goes through. The perming process, which often uses harsh chemicals, essentially destroys and rebuilds part of the hair’s internal structure. When it was rebuilt, it wasn’t nearly as strong as it was before. Weak hair is more prone to damage and split ends. Although wrinkles have improved over time from acidic excesses years ago to the modern designs we have today that are considered less harmful.
  • short longevity. Wrinkles only last from two to six months. Considering the trauma to your hair strands when curling hair, it can be considered that curls do not last long. If you want to keep your curls intact, you may need to repeat the curling process up to 6 times a year, which can leave your hair in a serious condition. Also, since your hair will remain straight as it grows after perming, you will need to get a touch-up perm every now and then. Therefore, a traditional curl might not be the best hairstyle for maintenance free girls. Here are some of our favourites Hairstyles for white girlsAnd the Black girlsAnd the Women over 50.
  • creepy smell. The curling lotion has a very distinct scent that sticks to the hair. The smell starts to dissipate when you wash your hair, but it is recommended that you refrain from washing your hair for the first couple of days after perming until there is enough time to curl the hair. So, you will have to put up with the smell for some time.

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Are curls good for fine hair?

After reading the cons of curling, you may be wondering if you should get curly curls if you have thinning hair. The answer is that it depends.

If your hair is in good condition despite being thin, it should handle the perming process without too many problems. But if it’s dry, showing signs of split ends, or actively thinning, you should pass all the chemical treatments and get your hair back to its healthy state first.

If you decide to curl your thinning hair, be sure to choose a light wave, which will break fewer hair bonds and reduce hair damage. We wish you all the best as you look for ways to improve your hair.

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