Melania Trump New Hairstyles in 2019

Melania Trump, the first lady of the USA, is one of the hottest celebrities. Melania Trump always looks attractive, elegant and sophisticated. According to her hairdresser and hairstylist, Mordechai Alfuhas, Melania Trump’s hair is healthy.

Hence, Melania Trump can wear her hair in different styles including her hair straight and/or curly. Melania Trump colors her hair in different primary colors such as dark brown and/or black. Sometimes Melania Highlights her hair.

Lighter shades of the base color are used. These colors include cream, honey and golden. Depending on the functions and events she attends, Melania Trump wears her hair up or down.

Melania Trump’s most popular hairstyles

Here are some of Melania Trump’s latest new hairstyles:

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Young and attractive appearance:

Melania Trump has always looked years younger especially because she wears her shoulder length hair. She keeps her hair cut in tidy layers. It uses different primary colors. Primary colors may vary from dark brown to black. In addition, she uses a light honey or golden color as a distinguishing feature.

Best Hairstyles Ever:

Melania Trump enjoyed her best hairdo when she wore her brown hair. Her hair has been neatly cut into several parts Layers It has been designed in curled sides.

Met Gala (2005):

At the Met Gala, Melania Trump appeared with her husband. She appeared wearing her hair in the form of a French knot. Along with a knot, she wore a side fringe starting at the top of her head.

The end of the ponytail in curls:

When Melania Trump has a fringe, she pulls her hair into a ponytail. The ponytail ends in curly hair. It also has a fringe starting at the crown. This hairstyle makes her cheeks more prominent.

hair lift:

First Melania curls Her hair is then worn on her crown with the help of hairpins. Some strands of her hair that she left hanging makes her look even more attractive. On the day of the oath, Melania Trump wore her dark chestnut hair with a deep side parting.

Latest hair styling:

Melania Trump wears her latest hair color in a solid bleached gold with streaks of dark brown/black. Her hair is cut in elegant layers that frame her face.

Here are some of Melania Trump’s best hairstyles, these are the hairstyles that she has done in the past few years. To look charming and beautiful, these are the hairstyles that you can copy in 2022.

According to Melania Trump’s hairdresser and stylist, her hair texture is silky, bouncy, and full. The special texture of the hair enables Melania Trump to sport any hairstyle that matches her modern outfit.

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