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Love and Forgiveness

love and tolerance

Did you know that God’s angels are in heaven? rejoice When do we forgive and love? When we do these two things to others, life is very easy; very beautiful and wonderful! We feel that there is something in our hearts that shines and lightens the burden we carry.

When a relationship fails, that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped loving. It failed, perhaps, because it did not work. Perhaps, we didn’t know how to share our love in ways that would work. Our love may be buried deep in our hearts but the love is there. Or maybe we didn’t want to get caught so hard, not because we didn’t know where to stand but because we knew it would hurt when things didn’t go the way we wanted them to. But the love is still there.

We knew that when our heart grew stronger and attached to someone, we would always feel as if a part of us dies when that person loses connection. This is one reason why we usually draw a line around ourselves and let people stay out of the line. Because of that, we didn’t know how to show them the right love. But, nevertheless, love is there.

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When we really love, we should let them know. And when we love, we should also know how to forgive. Let us keep in mind and in our heart that no one is perfect and that everyone is worthy of forgiveness; We must not cling to bitterness and pain. We all have the power to forgive people who don’t give us the respect we deserve. We shouldn’t spend the rest of our lives hating them anyway. After all, God has given us a heart that has the ability to forgive so that we may love.

Let us always accept forgiveness so that we may sleep at night and sleep peacefully in our hearts. And then, when we wake up the next day, we feel better.

Get rid of the pain.



and love.


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