Jamie Lee Curtis Says She’s ‘Pro-Aging’ and for ‘Natural Beauty’

  • Jamie Lee Curtis hugs her age and says she doesn’t want to “hide from her age, as if it was something bad.”
  • During a recent virtual summit with Maria Shriver, Curtis opened up about her thoughts on getting older.
  • “That word should be hit ‘anti-aging.'”

Jamie Lee Curtis doesn’t focus on the negative beauty connotations centered around aging.

The 63-year-old actress spoke recently Maria Shriver to The pinnacle of radically reframing aging Presented by Sounds True and Shriver Media, she is open about her thoughts on aging.

“I want to age with intelligence, grace, dignity, vitality and vitality,” Curtis said.

Beauty for her is so much more than what’s out there and she feels that society has done away with the term “natural beauty”. “I am now an advocate of natural beauty because I feel there is a genocide of natural beauty,” Curtis said.

Last month, Curtis shared a makeup-free selfie on Instagram, calling it a “gotcha” moment. “Often the most amusing image, often looking down, reminding us of our humility, our humanity and our lack of arrogance in this filtered world we all live in on this podium,” Curtis wrote in her caption.

The The end of Halloween The actress has been outspoken about Hollywood’s treatment of actresses over a certain age. Which just happens to be one aspect Radically reframing aging summit. Created to challenge society’s views on aging, the Summit has established powerful conversations with inspirational celebrities, performers, writers, and more to inspire people to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives, at all ages.

“I don’t want to hide from (my age) as if it was something bad,” Curtis said during the conversation. “We all learn that people are on fire from it. It is an internal job, we are very confused on the outside, but the joy of being my age is an internal infrastructure.”

“I don’t want to hide from (my age) as if it was something bad.”

She lives up to her every word. From starring in recent horror movies to launching her own podcast (Messages from the camp And the good friend), Curtis keeps herself busy and enjoys all that life has to offer.

Her thoughts on working against the clock of life can be an inspiring lesson for all of us.

I am 63 years old. My mother died at the age of 76; “My father passed away at the age of 85,” Curtis said. “I don’t have much time to waste.” “My motto is, ‘If not now, when? If not me, who? And it unleashed and set me free, and allowed me to do whatever I do without any attachment.”

But this does not mean that they are immune to the shadows of insecurity. “When I get out of the bathroom, I turn my back to the mirror. I don’t stare at my now 63-year-old body in the mirror, I turn my back on it…I try to live in acceptance. And if I look in the mirror, it’s hard for me to be in acceptance. I More critical.

And in the past, Curtis didn’t always have the confidence, coping skills, and positive outlook on life that she has now. After battling addiction and mindfulness in her fifties, she decided to take charge of her life in a different way. “For me, looking in the mirror and looking at a lifelong substance abuse problem…a family illness that wiped out my family…the ability for me to look in that mirror and look at the problem and take some action myself, was the first real throwing of the old idea that there was a possibility of something new “.

That’s not all you give up – you’ve opened up about getting rid of other unnecessary stressors. “This removes unnecessary aspects of your life. I stripped my hair. I could never figure out what to do with my springy hair. I couldn’t figure it out…so I finally got it – cut it!” she said during the summit. “I’ve stripped down things that aren’t essential to me. I’m not a fashion girl, so I basically wear black or navy blue. I keep my hair short…so I can finish the day-to-day aspects of my life, so I’m free to do the creative aspects of my life.”

We couldn’t be happier for this chapter in Curtis’ life (and career!), and we’re so excited for her to be a role model and leader who shatters myths about age and beauty.

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