Is a Stationary Bike Good Exercise?

Do you need to get a proper indoor workout or maybe it’s too cold for outdoor cycling? Indoor cycling, which uses stationary bikes, is one of the best cardio exercises to incorporate into training because it is low-impact and causes less pounding on the joints.

Stationary bikes are built to give cycling enthusiasts the facility to train without having to go outside, says Gekko Estapa, regional fitness director. Mexico Blue Diamonds Resorts. “It allows more time for training, facilitates a quick cardio workout, and less potential for risk as it does outdoors.”

Cycling lessons have changed over the years too – they are more than just one-on-one sessions. “Today we can discover a range of classes that are unique to the rider, and different training methods, methods, and routines,” Estaba says. And you can access your classes from the comfort of your home now too, thanks to the monthly subscription programs from pelotonAnd the Soul cycle, and more. And if all this doesn’t convince you, then perhaps these health benefits will.

It’s a great cardio workout

Indoor cycling can be both mentally and physically beneficial. Erin Galkanen, certified personal trainer at Ascend Fitness and Spa. “This in turn also helps lower blood pressure, improve your sleep, and lower stress levels.”

Cycling can help reduce body fat

Indoor cycling reduces body fat. Increases metabolism. And reduces the chances of injury due to the lack of impact of the required movements. “Another great benefit of cycling is the simple ability to do intermittent exercises,” says Jalkanen. Interval training allows you to alternate short bursts of intense exercise with periods of less intense exercise. This type of training can increase your cardio endurance and burn more calories in a short period of time. You can easily adjust the resistance on the bikes which makes it ideal very long periods of time.”

Perfect for those looking for a lower impact workout

Your ankles, knees, hips, and other joints can come under a lot of stress when running, jogging, jumping, or doing other high-impact aerobic exercises. “When you ride a bike, your body doesn’t feel the effect that it would with these other types of exercise,” says Jalkanen. “The bike is a lot gentler on your precious joints with less stress, and although the bike is less impactful, it is still important to maintain proper form while riding. This means that your knees should bend slightly on the lower pedal. If it is very curved or straight So, you’ll need to adjust the seat height.”

It does not depend on the weather

The dangers of outdoor cycling are mitigated by indoor cycling. “By staying in one place without external factors such as uneven and unpaved roads and traffic (pedestrians and vehicles), we have a better chance of maintaining correct posture and footing,” Estaba says. “We can also adapt our stationary bikes for specific situations such as injuries or related conditions due to their low impact on joints as it is not a demanding exercise.”

There are many stationary bike options to choose from

If you are looking to ride your favorite outdoor bike, indoors you can get a bike racing instructor. The bike trainer will allow you to strap your bike to the inside to keep it stable inside. “There are a lot of apps and bikes that allow you to become part of a community,” Jalkanen advises. Peloton and Nordic Track Bicycles have screens attached to them where you can ride with other cyclists either in class, or choose your very own route to ride virtually.”

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