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You may experience avoidance or discomfort because you have been told that you are “too emotional.” Here are some signs that you are a very sensitive person And how do you survive in this cruel world.

It all added. Sensitivity to loud sounds, harsh light, emotional climates and overstimulating situations? I just discovered something amazing: I’m a very sensitive person.

For years, since childhood, I’ve always thought that there was something a little weird, different and weird or broken about me. New situations easily overwhelmed me. Strangers put me on edge. The loud noises made me jump out of my skin. Even the slightest amount of coffee or alcohol left me in a meltdown.

If you can relate to this level of sensitivity, you may be a highly sensitive person.

The life-changing reality of this classification is that it helps you accept that (1) you are not crazy, (2) there is nothing wrong with you, and (3) you are not alone.

What is a hypersensitive person?

Highly sensitive personality traits

Highly sensitive people (HSPs) are individuals genetically predisposed to higher levels of mental, emotional, and physical sensitivity. that it forecast That about 15-20% of our population is connected in a different way, and therefore experiences life in a much more intense way than the average person. HSPs differ from individuals with a neurotype in that they are more affected by sights, sounds, smells, tastes, tactile sensations, and emotions.

19 indicates that you are a highly sensitive person

19 signs of a hypersensitive person

Discovery’s mother, Eileen Aaron, has been searching for the hypersensitive person for over 20 years now. As such, it has a finely tuned list of traits and behavioral quirks that define a hypersensitive person. I’ve improved some of these features below. See how many you can connect to:

1. I am familiar with the nuances and nuances of different environments, for example, the faucet is dripping too loudly, or the light bulb is burning too brightly, etc.

2. I am easily overwhelmed by the senses. Loud noises, strong smells, tastes and light affect me negatively, for example, the loud music of night clubs, loud crowded highways and strong perfumes.

3. I need to withdraw from busy days and take a break or nap on my own.

4. I am very sensitive to pain, such as needles, sports injuries, insect stings, etc.

5. I freaked out easily.

6. I like to take my time, and not burden myself with too many activities because they are draining and overwhelmed by mef.

7. I prefer to avoid violent TV shows and movies.

8. I find it difficult to adapt to changes in my life.

9. I tend to ruminate and process information deeply.

10. I am sympathetic. I am aware of the way people feel around me, and when any slight change occurs in them.

11. Emotional environments tend to affect me deeply.

12. I am often seen as introverted or shy.

13. I have been deeply influenced by nature, the arts or music.

14. I tend to be more oriented towards philosophy and spirit.

15. I feel unusually strong emotions.

16. I avoid confrontation of any kind and hate it very much.

17. I prefer not to notice when doing tasks: it bothers me.

18. I tend to avoid extreme or chaotic situations.

19. I seem to be treating the world on a very deep level.

Signs and prescriptions of HSP for a hypersensitive person

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HSPs, emotional intensity, and talent

Perhaps one of the hallmarks of being a highly sensitive person is how emotionally powerful we are.

We feel everything in an intense, emotional, and sometimes destructive way. This intensity often leads us to become artists, visionary leaders, creators, mentors, therapists, and healers.

But this is a bittersweet trait that we share because it helps us live life with passion and intensity, yet it can also isolate us. We may be misunderstood, criticized, underpaid, undervalued, taken for granted, dismissed, and generally seen as “too much.” We may be labeled neurotic, melodramatic, skinny-skinned, or generally tough — and mistreated for that.

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