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How to Help a Friend Through a Breakup: 15 Ways

words It is powerful and can help heal or cause harm. It is impossible to change something that has already happened, but you can lift the mood and change life by saying the right words.

A meltdown is a bewildering and vulnerable time for everyone. But you don’t have to watch your boyfriend go through a helpless breakup because you don’t know how to comfort him. With the right words and sincere feelings, you can help ease their pain.

Now, let’s move on to the main purpose of this article, how to help a friend during a breakup?

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What should I say to a friend going through a breakup?

Seeing your boyfriend broke up can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what to say to a friend going through a breakup. Certain words lift your friend’s soul, and include the words you should say to a friend after a breakup

  • You don’t go through this alone; I am here for you
  • This experience does not identify you and does not reflect on you in any way
  • It’s okay if you’re still hurting, don’t rush the recovery process
  • There is no right way to grieve. I’m here for you, everything you need to get better
  • If you want to text your ex, text me instead.

However, there are some things you should never say to someone with heartbreak, and they include

  • You have to put yourself out there and start dating or you have a recovery
  • You’ll fall in love again soon and forget all about your ex
  • I understand what you’re going through, but I got over my life and met a really good person. Soon it will be your turn
  • Separation is not a bad thing. Enjoy your single life. You will be happier alone
  • There is no need to cry over spilled milk. Stop thinking about your ex and move on.
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15 ways to help a friend through a breakup

How do I comfort my friend after a breakup? Breakups are messy, and that’s when a boyfriend will need you the most. However, you don’t have to be unaware but know how to support a friend who is going through a breakup. Want to know how to help a friend in case of a breakup? Then keep reading.

1. Listen

Helping a friend during a breakup requires listening to them.

No matter how long your boyfriend has been in the relationship, he will likely want to talk about his feelings after the breakup. Your role as a friend is the listener.

At this point, your friend doesn’t need your advice but someone who will listen.

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2. Be empathetic

How to calm a friend after a breakup is not difficult if you know the right steps to take.

True friendship extends beyond being available in good times and bad times. So you don’t get tired of listening to your friends even if they tell the same story over and over again. They are just trying to deal with their feelings.

Instead, be empathetic and allow them to express their feelings.

3. Remind them that they are not wrong

After a breakup, most people are likely to blame themselves and feel that they could have done something different. So constantly remind your boyfriend that the breakup wasn’t his fault.

a failed relationship It can’t be one person’s fault. After all, it takes two to make a relationship work. Remind them that they have not set themselves up for failure and cannot blame themselves.

4. Formulate your words appropriately

Be careful what you say when comforting a friend after a breakup. Instead, be empathetic with your words, and don’t force him to go out and start dating again. Also, don’t tell them there are a lot of people out there, and they shouldn’t cry over spilled milk.

This is a very sensitive time for them, they do not need empty words but kind words.

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5. Involve your friend

You are not only there to listen but engage your friend in the conversation. Comforting a friend after a breakup is more than just listening. Don’t let them feel like they’re talking to a brick wall, but ask them questions and give them comfort during the conversations.

The goal is to make your friend feel understood. for example,

  • Acknowledge what your friend is going through
  • Don’t underestimate their feelings but believe them.

6. It’s about them, not you

Don’t make them break up with you by comparing the situation to your previous breakup. Don’t assume you know what they’re going through because you’ve been there before. People react to situations differently.

Also, your friend may feel that you are stealing his thunder by making his attitude about you.

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7. Ask them how you can help

The way you should feel comfortable breaking up with your boyfriend may vary. So, you should offer practical help. You can start by asking, “How can I help?”

Your friend may need their space or need a listening ear. They may also need to block their ex-partner or prevent them from texting their ex-partner. a study The post in the journal Proceedings of the Association for Computing Machinery stated that moving forward is challenging if you constantly see previously linked content on Social media.

8. Don’t insult your ex-boyfriend

You don’t have to insult your ex to calm him down. Your goal is to comfort your boyfriend, and you shouldn’t do this at the expense of his ex.

Insulting the ex-lover can also invalidate your friend’s relationship, which is not recommended.

9. Let them have a good time alone

spending Having a good time alone Useful because it helps to revive a person’s mental and physical health. Advise your friend to take some time alone to think about the next step and think about his or her decisions.

Although it is helpful to talk to someone about your problems and seek advice, the choice is yours alone. When you are surrounded by different opinions, it is difficult to distinguish what you want from the opinions of others.

10. Get Them Out

Want to know how to make your boyfriend feel better after a breakup? Then he suggested that they go out.

Do not allow them to stay indoors for several months. Instead, ask them to go out for night walks or even a trip. This is also a good way to distract them from thinking about their ex.

A night out doesn’t mean getting drunk or looking for a refreshment. Instead, it can simply entail hanging out with friends over wine and laughing.

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11. Allow your friend to grieve

Everyone’s grieving process is different, and your friend interrupting the grieving process is counterproductive. Also, don’t tell them how long they can grieve or give them a schedule.

Just be present when they need you and accept that your boyfriend needs to follow through on the breakup on his or her own terms.

Watch this video to learn more about how to grieve end of relationship To help guide your friend through the grieving process.

12. Let your friend breathe

Do not dissuade your friend from to express their anger. But, on the other hand, encourage them to drop everything.

Suppressing their anger can be unhealthy and may make it difficult for them to move forward.

13. Don’t advise them to rush into another relationship

After breaking up, he must heal before entering into another relationship. Don’t convince them to get a recovery to get over their wound.

Ask them to take things slow and make time for themselves to recover.

14. Surprise them

How to help a friend through a breakup by surprising them with gifts, chocolates, or whatever they like to brighten their day. Even a random visit to check up on them will leave them feeling lonely and hopeful.

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15. Suggest a treatment

If you realize that you are not in the right position to help your friend, advise him or her to go to therapy.

a Psychotherapist It can give your friend new perspectives on his situation, guide him through his feelings, and help him recover.

Do’s and don’ts to comfort a friend after a breakup

When offering support to a friend going through a breakup, there are certain ways to do this to ensure that your actions have a positive impact on the friend.

What you should not do

Don’t assume you know what your friends need in this vulnerable time because you’ve been through a breakup before.

Or suppose you have the perfect advice for a friend going through a breakup. Each breakup and the burdens incurred by the individual are different.

So, you should ask your friend what he needs and not give unsolicited advice.

  • Do not rely on alcohol and other substances

Sharing a bottle of wine and letting your friend scream is not wrong. It is recommended. But constantly bringing alcohol or drugs into the equation to numb your friend’s pain can have untold consequences.

This will not allow them to process their feelings the right way and may cause them to become dependent on drugs.

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What do I do

How to help a friend during a breakup by respecting your friend’s boundaries and following his lead. Don’t force them to talk if they are not ready to. Instead, offer emotional support and ask them what you can do to help.

Give a listening ear whenever they need it and don’t judge them. Do not rush them to overcome their heartbreak and do not impose your opinions on them.


fell apart Painful for everyone involved, but instead of watching your friend in pain, you can ease their pain by offering a few reassuring words.

How to help a friend through a breakup isn’t a challenge if you know what steps to take. Rely on the tips above to put a smile on your friend’s face.

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