How To Do Pigtail Braids? Step by Step Guide

There is nothing cuter and funnier than that Young girls With pigtails. Most of the female braids hairstyles include ribbon braids, pretty front ties, or any cute twists. These hairstyles often look complicated and are also simpler and suitable for anyone to start with.

Pigtails are also generally referred to as double tails and are very popular among the Japanese, particularly in the anime and manga community. These days plait braids are very popular and used by many stars and fashion/beauty bloggers.

The braid may or may not be plaited according to one’s preference. However, it is one of the best choices for girls and kids. This very light, modest and elegant hairstyle lends a glamorous look to your collection of hairstyles without much effort and experience.

Things you will need to make plait braids

Detailed steps for braiding braids

Step 1

  • Gently wash your hair to get the best braid. Let it air dry or use a hair dryer to dry the hair.
  • Comb your hair to remove knots and tangles.

Step 2

The hardest part of design consists of these few steps:

  • Use the back of the comb to make a straight line in your hair from top to bottom
  • Separate your hair into equal parts using a fine-toothed comb.
  • Divide it into two identical sections and comb to eliminate tangles if necessary.

Step 3

Now comes the braiding process which includes:

  • Pick a side and separate a small section of hair near your forehead.
  • Divide the hair into three equal strands and start in a regular braid.
  • Now cross the right strand of hair to the middle, then cross the left section of hair to the middle.
  • Repeat these steps again and join in more hair as you go on cue.

Step 4

The final design of two braids Through the following steps:

  • Bend the braid toward the end of the head and away from the face.
  • Start making a file French braid By adding a small section of hair to the right strand and passing it over the middle section.
  • Repeat the same procedure until you reach your desired braiding point.
  • Repeat the same procedure on the opposite section of hair and tighten it with an elastic band. Now you can design your braided pigtails to your liking!

Examples of pigtail braids

Braiding braids questions and answers

1. Is there an age limit for doing plait braids?

There is no age limit for this cute braiding braid. However, it can depend on some factors depending on the occasion and outfit with this hairstyle.

This is an easy look for all types of short, medium and long hair regardless of textures and other factors.

2. Are pigtails and ponytails the same?

A ponytail is similar to a ponytail with all the hair tucked back en masse. The ponytail can be worn with some variation by knotting it anywhere on the head, including the sides, the top, or the nape of the neck.

In pigtails, the hair is separated into two opposite parts and fixed with elasticity. The braid may or may not be braided depending on the choice of the person.

3. How to do the long lasting braids?

Some of the steps for keeping a braid long lasting are:

  • Wear a silk or satin scarf when you go to bed and protect your hair at night.
  • Keep your scalp moisturized at least two to three times a week, and apply a leave-in conditioner to the hair.
  • Spend more time designing by redrawing your edges.

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