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How to Be Happy, Even When You Least Expect It

Change can happen immediately and we need to be willing to let go of our expectations to be happy. Read on to find out what solution we have inside.

In most professional sports, athletes reach their peak in their twenties. In their thirties, if these men and women are still competitive, they can keep up with their younger peers because they are able to use their years of experience to make up for the flaws associated with their aging bodies.

But once they hit their 40s, no matter how well they develop their athletic skills, their bodies can’t handle what is required of them. At this point, retirement is inevitable.

While professional athletes in their forties may wish they could compete longer, I think most would not be surprised that their bodies can no longer do so. These men and women don’t spend time wondering why they are less fit than they were in their twenties.

But what may cause long suffering He is retiring due to injuries. A fatal injury can shatter the dreams of an athlete in their prime with a bright future ahead. Accepting retirement under these terms may be more difficult. These men and women may be filled with despair and ask themselves, “Why me?” “Life is unfair” and “I will never be happy again!” While such thoughts are natural and understandable, in the long run they will create suffering. They point to the dangers of the mentality that fights the law of global change.

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Change can happen instantly – for example when you have some kind of accident. Or it may happen over time – like how our bodies age over the years. What often happens is that some of the changes we tend to accept. While it may not be our preference, we accept it. In the meantime, other changes we refuse to accept. We fight it, we fight it, and we end up being miserable in the long run.

Life can take unexpected and unexpected turns.

To be happy, we have to let go of our expectations that our lives will turn out a certain way.

When our happiness is associated with a certain outcome, we have devised the formula for suffering. This formula applies even to circumstances in which we get exactly what we want, such as a dream job, spouse, child, car, home, or (insert your wish here). Because once we get what we want, our minds quickly turn to desires or fears: we want more of what we have or are afraid to lose.

How to be happy, even when you least expect it

So what do we do when we are faced with a change we did not expect or want like in the case of a professional athlete whose career has been interrupted due to an injury?
As far as athletes, accepting change means taking a stance that says something like, “I’ve had a few amazing years. I’m glad I’ve owned them, and now I’m moving on to the next stage of my life.”

Unfortunately, many still resent their loss and suffer as a result. And they can hold on to them discontent For years – maybe even for the rest of their lives. Although the injury was not the athlete’s choice, how would he cope with it. And the same for the rest of us, too.

Whatever expectation we cling to will cause suffering.
Life throws surprises at us, and the longer we live, the more surprises we will face.

The good news is that if we rely on our human nature, we have a solution inside of us.

Humans have survived over millions of years as other species became extinct due to our innate ability to adapt. Thus we are all capable of being amazing converters if we choose to do so.

How to be happy, even when you least expect it

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