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How Many Faces Can You See?

Optical illusions have always aroused people’s endless curiosity, and even today, they have never failed to draw attention. The concept of some rotating shapes in different colors and shades is a sight worth seeing! Your eyes stare, you see something different. You turn away from her and look at her from a distance, and it looks like something else entirely. Also in this test, the number of faces you see may not be all the faces actually in the photo!

illusions You tend to manipulate your brain’s ability to focus. Your human brain processes a lot of information every day, for example, approximately 174 sheets of information! The brain around it absorbs and absorbs and retains only the important parts, the parts that will mean something to you. Otherwise, if he were to keep every little thing he came across, it’s safe to say you would have gone crazy.

Optical illusion uses this function and manipulates the most prominent and exciting part of the image, causing the brain to instantly see and process the information and images. This creates the illusion in your mind that you are only seeing the most important and dazzling parts of the image in front of you.

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The illustration of the general’s family is probably one of the most famous optical illusions of all time. This image was created by Mexican artist, Octavio Ocampo, and has a total of 9 faces in it. As you look at it, studying it to find all nine faces, notice how your brain keeps changing its perception to see all the faces. If you can’t find all nine faces, don’t worry, your brain is a little busy.

Look at the picture quickly for 2-5 seconds, and count how many faces you can see.

How many faces can you see the test

So how many faces can you finally see? Look for a few more seconds, before reading the results!

How many faces can you see the test

The beauty of this picture is that every face comes together to tell the story of an old man.

The first face that probably caught your eye was the largest in the picture, which shows the general in his later years. If you look into the man’s ear, you will see a beautiful woman who is holding a child in her arms, and there is a man standing in front of her with a stick. In a way, this symbolizes his humble beginnings. The dog lying in front of him looks as if the general is putting his hand on his jacket.

On his right side, you can see the face of a woman symbolizing that she is his wife. On the general’s left side, you will notice a crow sitting on top of a stone structure with four faces behind it, which may symbolize the general’s sons.

  • If you find 6 faces in the picture, you have good but normal observation skills.
  • If you find 7 faces in the picture, it means that you have above average observation skills.
  • If you find 8 faces in the picture, then you are very attentive as a person, and you should be proud of yourself.
  • Finally, if you find all nine faces on the first try in just a few seconds, and without looking at the answer, you will have exceptional observational powers. And not only that, you are very creative and intuitive too, which is a killer combination. Incredible observation skills can help you give your supercomputer K and even Sherlock Holmes a run for their money.

So, did you enjoy finding all nine faces in this photo? How many faces can you see on the first try? Let us know in the comments below!

Optical illusion test: How many faces can you see?

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