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How Can I Improve My Attitude?

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I strongly agree with motivational speaker Dennis S. Brown’s statement, “The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.” The way we deal with our challenges can hold us back or move us forward.

For example, if you are about to meet someone new, worrying about how they will perceive you may cause you to act awkwardly. On the other hand, if you are thinking of meeting someone new as a possible start to a new and exciting adventure, you will likely react in an enthusiastic manner that will most likely lead to a successful new relationship.

When my patients apply to college, many worry about whether they will be accepted into the right school and spend a lot of emotional energy trying to apply to college. Many fear that this will be a very bad outcome if they do not attend a first-choice college.

I explain to my patients that it would be best for them to realize that the universe will take them where they need to go. If they end up attending another college, they can have a great experience there as long as they maintain a good attitude and work hard. Thus, while they are not in control of whether they will be accepted into any particular institution, they will control how they perform in the college they attend.

A good attitude helps in dealing with any life project. If you achieve a certain goal, you can be happy and build on that success. If you do not achieve this goal, you can learn something from the experience and build on your newly acquired knowledge. Either way, step out forward. I remind my patients of quoting consumer rights activist Ralph Nader, “Your best teacher is your last mistake.”

For example, during the first part of my career, I chose to work in a research laboratory of a reputable institution. Within a few months, I realized that while I could work as a decent researcher, I felt much happier providing direct patient care. As a result, I changed my job the following year. This was all part of the learning process, which I appreciate. I applied some of the lessons I learned from my research experience throughout my clinical career as a physician.

How hypnosis can help change your attitude

The first key to changing your attitude is the intention to do so. Hypnosis can give you tools to bring about change.

Hypnosis can help change your mood by helping you visualize a calming, inspiring, or relaxing scene from your past, or the happy outcome of an experience that awaits you. These images help change feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations by helping to shift the focus of your mind. An improved mood can lead to a better attitude, as most of us feel after a good night’s rest. In fact, learning how to improve your mood can help you sleep better!

The meditative state that can be achieved through mindfulness or hypnosis can bring new ideas to mind that can help reshape your attitude.

A situation can also be changed by figuring out how you developed a particular situation in the first place and then deciding if you want to change your approach. Hypnosis can help accomplish such an introspective process by facilitating interactions with your subconscious mind that can give you a new perspective regarding your thought processes.

For example, a teenager’s subconscious recently revealed that he feels bad for being different from his peers since his older sister told him he was “weird.” We have argued that his “weirdness” reflects his ability to think deeply, wisely, and sensitively, and thus represents desirable personality characteristics that make him more likely to succeed throughout his life. After that, he felt much better about himself.

When you decide that you want to change your position, you can use the hypnotic state to give yourself suggestions about what you want your new position to be and how you want it to appear.

Using positive self-talk can be very helpful in this process. For example, instead of thinking I hope I don’t get nervous during my interview tomorrowThe best idea might be. I want to be calm during my interview. The last statement is more useful because it encourages your brain to think about how to achieve a state of calm and thus increase the likelihood of it occurring.


Hypnosis can help you improve your attitude by helping you identify what lies behind the situation and making it easier to change it.

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