HHS Updates Physical Activity Guidelines

How much physical activity do we need if we want to feel better and stay healthy? For most Americans, the answer is fairly simple: more than we do now.

according to US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Not only does being a “couch potato” take a personal toll, but also researchers in a The study was published in January 2015 in Advances in cardiovascular disease It is estimated that not exercising adds up to an additional $117 billion in healthcare costs each year.

The good news is that the updated physical activity recommendations for Americans from HHS, which were published in Journal of the American Medical Association (gamma) On November 20, make your suggested fitness goals more achievable than the old guidelines.

Members of the HHS Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee (a group of nationally recognized physical activity and exercise experts) reviewed the latest science in physical activity and health in order to update previous guidelines, which were Published in 2008. The new recommendations were based on the amount of supporting research as well as the consistency and quality of results in various areas of exercise and their relevance to health.

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