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Dear, Know That Everything That You Have Assumed Has An Ending

You will feel loved from the beginning as everyone you love sees you as a gift that nourishes your being,
You will feel immensely supported as they expect you to be a trophy at the end,
You’ll feel the endless praise that they can see you as a mystery.
But dear, know that everything you assume has an end.

You may be betrayed because of one disagreement!

You will feel betrayed as if your soul is being shattered by pieces of art.
You will get dirt and stink as if you have done the worst thing anyone could do,
You will feel numb as you can no longer feel how the pain hits your bones so deeply,
You will bleed as if blood no longer disturbs your innocence,

Your mind will eventually shut off from the words of kindness that lead you into hiding from the darkness. Again, look for yourself as if you were lost, but you are not, dear.

Hear the voice whispering
“You are not lost”
“You are at the speed where you decide for yourself”
“Allow yourself to fight for your rights even if everyone opposes you, as long as your attitude corresponds to what is good.”
“You may hurt everyone, but dear you are the one who will live your life on this particular path.”

Your thinking is far from what they think but accepts reality, and that will create a fence!
You know the consequences so you have to deal with whatever is in their content!


Pray as this will truly be the only thing that can give you endless hope to live in spite of everything.

Ina Ma Al-Asri Yusra: Indeed, with every difficulty there is relief.

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