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Can Hiding Hard Feelings Affect Your Relationship?

Hiding difficult feelings and how they affect your relationship

A healthy dose of self-love will enrich your relationship with your partner and yourself.

However, this is the last thing we expect to hear when we want to know how we can build an intimate, reliable, emotional, and prosperous relationship with our partner.

In our quest to feel loved and whole and to help heal and heal inner emotional wounds, we continue to search for the perfect partner. And in this quest for authentication, we finally stop being Our true self – our weak core – we shade and begin to hide our difficult feelings

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In this article, Dr. Stuart Mottola talks about how hiding difficult feelings can affect our relationships.

The effect of fear and insecurity

“Love yourself instead of abusing yourself.” – Karolina Kurkova

First, thanks to those who reached out to me last week. I shared a poor post and an outpouring of support, trust, and communication came my way.

A few people asked me, “Are you okay? I’m here for you.”
Others said, “Thanks for sharing. This really helped me through the tough times.”
Some said, “You are really brave.”

You touched me. It made me wonder, Why was the simple sharing of the heart so touching to people? Is it uncommon in everyday life? Are we too separate from our hearts?

From my experience, the answer is yes. And the The most challenging is when we hide our heart in the most important place – in our most intimate relationship with our primary partner.

We feel detached, lonely, and yearning for intimacy.

However, when we open our hearts, our partner opens up to us. But we must have the courage to act first. However, often we don’t.

We fear to be seen, weak, weak, and most dreaded of all, rejected. It happens when we hear…

  • You will be fine, my dear.
  • Just get over it.
  • will pass.

Then we feel more lonely. Did he even hear me? Do you care? We wonder. We feel invisible in the most sensitive and delicate moments. That’s a lot. it really hurts.

But I want to challenge you. So what if it hurts? Will it kill you? Is it worth keeping your heart closed?

For some people, the answer is yes, without even knowing it; He is unconscious.

Closing your heart is self-betrayal

We lock our hearts away to stay safe, and ironically, this makes us less safe. Over time we lose each other.

“There are parts of our personal story that are strictly confidential. They are off-limits. We dare not reveal it to anyone.

All this undoing makes us believe that our partner also has no more mysteries to reveal. At this point, Eros begins to bounce back.”
Prem Baba, From Suffering to Joy: The Way of the Heart

Eros, that weird part of us that is deeply curious about our partner. When he’s gone, we suffer. Vital parts of us die. The spark of the relationship is simmering.

simply said, Lockdown is a form of betrayal and self-abandonment. It’s as if you were saying to yourself, I don’t deserve to be loved; not worth watching; Not worth calling.

So how do you keep your heart open in a relationship?
Without fear of overburdening your partner?
Without fear of weakness?

The answer is more about you than your partner. This seems to be… Cultivate a healthy relationship with the self… Test your heart.

Sit down with the parts that you resist sharing with your partner (fear, hope, loss, judgment, etc.). Work with those parts. Connect with yourself.

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Meet yourself, meet happiness

“A man who loves himself takes the first step toward true love.” – Osho

Like I said in my last weekIf you’re not calling me, I can’t call you. Simply.

A healthy self-relationship is the foundation for an honest, active, and satisfying partner relationship. When we practice it, we learn to open our hearts to ourselves and our partner – without fear of judgment.

When you commit to a healthy self-relationship, you say, you meet the self. We’re in this for the long haul. It is better to get to know each other.

It empowers you to approach your lover in a responsible way–with a tender heart, devoid of projection or blame, and a gritty sense of vulnerability.

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