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Can A Long Distance Relationship With Your Online Crush Work?

So you meet someone online and find them attractive. There is an instant spark and you want to date her. But they live in another country. Does this long-term relationship with the person you like online have a chance? Well, you are definitely not alone.

In the post below, Dr. Nerdlove comes to your rescue and answers some long distance relationship questions for you. (And if you plan to make your crush smile or make a first impression, it is better to choose lines to crush them)

Ask Dr. NerdLove: Could This Long Distance Relationship Work?

Question number 1


I use social media a lot, which has made me a lot of friends. Our social circles always start to mingle and before you know it I have friends all over the world. I’ve hooked up with one girl this way and she’s great and in a lot of the same things I am, and of course, I’ve had a bit of a crush. But the problem is that she lives in another country. Remarkably, I was able to awaken myself to the idea that developing feelings for someone I wouldn’t see in person and only communicate with them through tweets was a horrible idea that could only end badly, and so I put those feelings aside, we stayed online pals, and all was well.

Then at the end of last year, I was on vacation and posting updates and photos from my trip. I posted some replies to those who were a bit flirtatious, but I’m the worst at misinterpreting flirtation friendly and so I just posted some annoying replies and didn’t think much of it. But then, while we were talking, I suggested my next trip should be to visit her town. It turns out that she’s actually not very far from a friend I was planning to meet this year, so I tell her that’s a possibility and we’re excited about the idea.

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Soon she appeared in my direct messages and we naturally chatted a little more than just tweeting jokes and short comments between us and our mutual friends. I started showing up again and replying to her with caution because I’m afraid of just seeing what I want to see in her messages. But then, and I have no idea how we actually got into the topic, but we started talking about dating and relationships and she mentioned that she would totally date me. I replied that I would be happy to date her too, and the next thing I know she gave me her number so we could chat properly with each other. Now, I’m pretty sure this is a sign of some kind of interest.

Fast forward to now, just over a month later. I’m taking a trip in a few months to visit her and another friend I was going to meet, and I sent her some souvenirs from my trip that she loved. She and I have been talking regularly and have gotten a lot closer, but the conversations aren’t quite as immersive as they were at first – after all, that’s because I rarely have much success in the dating department and now I seem to be on to something good, I’m terrified of coming in hard and scaring her.

On her end, it might be the same, or she might have changed her mind, or missed some hilarious flirtation for something else. I am confused about how to work with my place, and what to do if I am standing where I want to be. If she was local, I would just bite her and ask her out, and if she refused me, it wouldn’t be much of a problem; I’ve been through this before and stayed friends with these girls.

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But since distance is what it is, I’m not sure what the next step should be, and whether I should take it before, during or after the next trip. Then if we hit things, what is the best way to handle a long distance relationship to avoid it being a fiery disaster that I worry it might be. I’m willing to put in the effort, but first I want to see if there’s really something to work on. Do you have any advice?

Thank you so much!
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