Army Haircuts – 15 Easy to Maintain Haircuts

Army hairstyles are easy to style, short and easy to maintain. An army cut requires a short length of hair, but there are many variations of these hairstyles that allow people to choose the best one among various short and long styles that suit their hair type and face shape.

If you find the right haircut for your look, then an army haircut can look great and can give you a cool look. You can choose between low and high fade or reduce on the side if you want to keep it simple and elegant.

Popular Variations in Army Hairstyles

If you want close to bald look But you don’t want to cut hair on the skin, the Burr Cut is the perfect cut for you.

In addition, the Crew Cut gives a great look if you have a minimalist figure as this cut involves cutting the hair to at least two inches but the front part of the head has a little extra length hair that can be combed for styling.

Regulation haircuts are one of the oldest army hairstyles and can be easily done with long hair.

In this haircut, leave the hair at the top part fork on the side Which reveals a sharp line from the front to the back of the head. The induction cut is offered on the first day of bootcamp because it is a very simple or almost bald cut.

Among the different army haircuts, the high and tight military haircut is a defined cut in which low protection scissors are used around the sides of the head leaving approximately one inch of hair at the top. This haircut will look great on the right person and is a risky option as it can ruin your image if not cut in the right way.

Best army hairstyles you can try this season

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