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Anger Management 101 And Beyond

Anger is a hot emotion that can make anyone do some crazy things. While we all feel angry, everyone expresses these feelings differently. You feel that you are denying your feelings or being contained in some way, and this leads you to act in other ways. Anger management techniques can improve outcomes in these situations and help you improve your quality of life.

Anger, like many other emotions, is difficult only because no one has taught us how it works and how to deal with it. In this article, you will learn the basics and not only do anger management, we go over it today.

Fire containment is like classic anger management. On the other hand, learning to put out that fire is the ultimate goal of my anger management program. Read on to learn it for yourself.

Anger doesn’t have to be a chronic problem, and while many people only learn how to deal with it, you can learn to let go of it completely in your life. Not a suppression, it would be useless, we are beyond anger management, a real goodbye to anger and anger in your life.

Now, the key here is knowing exactly what you really want. as it happens with alcoholismYou won’t begin to live without anger and the effect it has on your life until you are completely intent on letting go of anger for good.

Let’s get started.

First, you have to understand that the real problem is not the anger itself nor the way you express it, but the fact that you hold onto it. Your attachment to anger is the real problem, and in some cases it becomes addictive. Nothing you can’t beat, but it’s like craving sweets for example.

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This is especially hard to notice when angry, which is why you should learn about your anger when you are not under his influence. This way you will be prepared, stop overreacting (your auto-programming) and start doing the things that will lead you to a happier life.

However, one last thing: If you think you have no power over your anger or that you are unable to change, this is not the place for you.

First of all, understand that anger and anger are a burden that you decide to carry on your shoulders. Think of it as a heavy, heavy load that is suddenly placed on your shoulders, as you decide to accept it.

Think about this for a moment, you can recognize it by thinking about your past experiences, times when you were angry. Unless you’ve already decided that you don’t want anger in your life, you can clearly see the mechanisms of anger when someone (even yourself) is trying to make you drop that anger.

Immediately begin to validate it. Right after the failed attempt to bring her down, she will start making excuses. You will begin by giving answers such as: “They started it,” “This stupid thing is making me mad,” “I’m crazy because this happened.”

All the reasons. They are reasons for you to bear this heavy burden. And guess what happens next? Like any emotion, it carries a charge, and it is a charge that must be dealt with.

The energetic charge that emotions carry is rarely static, it is dynamic and pushes you from the inside.

Just as sadness makes you cry or fear makes you want to run, anger and anger make you do things. Depending on your specific situation, these actions can be yelling, punching a wall, throwing things (or tantrums), getting out of the room…you name it.

These are the mechanisms of anger, make you want to release it. It makes you want to somehow drop the burden you have decided to bear on your shoulders. why?

Because you validated it in the first place!

If someone cuts you off, you keep going crazy, tensing your body, honking at the car in front of you right now, yelling at the driver, maybe his/her heart, and all sorts of things… all of that?

Who cares, you can cite a thousand reasons for anything from “stupid people” to “he’s putting me at risk by doing that”.

The point is still the same: you validate your anger and the behavior that ensues, and you allow yourself to accept the burden and with that acceptance, you also have an obligation to release whatever energy you may be carrying with it.

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