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9 Signs Of Perfectionism: Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

Do you always set the standards too high for yourself and others? Do you tend to be harsh on people when they can’t live up to the unrealistic standards you set for them? Then the following article about signs of perfection for you!

You may not have a neatly organized junk drawer or a closet full of clothes arranged by color or sleeve length, but the traits of perfection can still affect your life — and hold you back. Can you relate to any of these habits?

9 signs of perfection

Here are the signs of perfection:

9 signs of perfection

1. You think in terms of all or nothing

Something is either right or wrong, good or bad, perfect or catastrophic. You tend to think of one Intense Or the other, rather than seeing the characteristics of people and situations that exist along a continuum. For example, you tend to think, “She’s mean” instead of “She can be mean sometimes.”

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2. You think, and then act, to the extreme

Have you ever acted on feelings like this, more than once?: “I had one cookie and it messed up my diet…I probably eat them all.”

3. You can’t trust others to do a task properly, so you rarely delegate

Others may see you as a petty boss or a control freak, but you see your actions as just a desire to get the job done right.

4. You have standards to demand for yourself and for others

You always believe in giving your best and expect others to do the same. And you’re scared to death of looking like a loser.

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5. You have trouble completing a project because you think there is always something else you can do to improve it

You are obsessed with sharing your book, project, meal, invitation, business card, website, article or letter with others. You want to make sure your business is the best it can be before you reveal it.

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6. You use the word “should” a lot

“I should do this” and “They should do this” may be common phrases, either out loud or in your head. You have certain “rules” that you think you and others should follow. And when these rules are not followed, you are not pleased.

7. Your confidence depends on what you accomplish and how others interact with you

You strive for excellence and need validation from others to feel good about your accomplishments. Moreover, once you achieve a goal, you can quickly move to the next goal.

8. You tend to focus on something you messed up

You may have done something right, but still, focus instead on the one mistake you made.

9. You procrastinate or avoid situations in which you think you might not excel

It may seem illogical, but many people who put off or avoid doing something are actually perfectionists: they fear failure. Their logic is, “I might not be able to do this perfectly, so why bother at all?”

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Written By Elizabeth Lombardo
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Can you relate to these nine signs of perfectionism? If you have these signs of perfection, you may want to be easy on yourself as well as with others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know you are a perfectionist?

If you have always wanted everything to be flawless and can recognize the above signs of perfection, then you might be one.

What are the traits of a perfectionist?

Not being satisfied, never being satisfied with anything less than excellent, setting unrealistically high standards are some of the signs of striving for perfection.

Is perfectionism a mental illness?

No, however, perfectionism cannot be found as a common trait among people with many mental health disorders, including obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Find out what are the nine signs of perfection!
9 signs of perfection
9 Signs You Might Be a Perfectionist

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