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9 Signs Of An Untrustworthy Person

One of the harshest and saddest truths in life is that you will come across more untrustworthy people than real people. You may feel like they want what’s good for you, but unfortunately all they want is to take advantage of you, suck you up, and then throw you aside when they’re done.

Confidence is the glue of life. It is the most important component of effectiveness Telecommunications. It is the fundamental principle that holds all relationships.” – Stephen Covey

Nothing is more important than trust in a relationship if you want it to last for the long term. Ideally, you should be able to trust the other person wholeheartedly and they should be able to trust you in the same way. However, trusting people can have serious consequences because not everyone is what they seem.

While few people will be able to hide it so well that you won’t know until they break your trust, there are others who exhibit certain traits that will always prove untrustworthy in the end.

Here are 9 signs that someone is untrustworthy

9 signs that someone is untrustworthy

1) Excessive magic.

Someone who seems uncommonly cute and charming always makes me feel like something is off with them and I’m hardly wrong when it comes to these people. A traitorous streak is carefully hidden inside them that can surprise you.

Pay attention and you will realize that they are only interested in knowing more about you without reciprocating any information about themselves. At some point, their true intentions will be revealed but by then you will already be intricately entangled in a relationship with them.

2) Unsympathetic.

TBeing able to deceive and hurt people shows a rather shocking lack of empathy. Empathic people will not be able to stab others in the back indifferently because they realize the kind of pain they could cause if they did. This always makes them take a step back and think seriously if they are given such an opportunity.

3) Associated Attributes narcissism.

For narcissists, there is nothing in this universe that is more important than they are, and everyone else is just there to do their thing. Naturally, this makes them the wrong people to trust in every situation.

They will never accept their mistakes and will come up with reasons why it seems like you made them make the wrong choices. Putting trust in them will definitely end in your heart being broken because they don’t care about anything but their egos.

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4) Inability to keep secrets.

You know a person is untrustworthy if they disclose information that others have told them in the strictest confidence. There is a 99.9% chance that they are already doing the same with any secrets you might tell them. They like to be informed at all times so they can share exciting rumors and gossip to make themselves more famous.

They do not hold any secret or sacred secrets. By revealing such information, they hope to connect with more people by showing that they are particularly close to others.

5) Volatility in everything.

Being hesitant is very different from being fickle. Indecision affects people when it comes to trivialities and when all options seem equally good.

But with fickle people, you can never trust any of their decisions no matter how important they are. They vacillate between all the extremes and no one can be assured of staying loyal even if they value loyalty.

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