6 Fast Food Orders To Avoid if You Have High Cholesterol

Fast food can be a lifesaver when you need food in your tummy ASAP. With amazingly efficient processes and plenty of ready-to-eat food, you can enjoy a full meal in less time than it takes to cook one yourself. With nearly 40% of Americans reporting Eat fast food any dayIt doesn’t look like fast food habits will be going away any time soon.

Unfortunately, the medical literature does not support the practice of eating fast food frequently when it comes to cholesterol management. According to the results of a study published in Nutrition JournalWeekly fast food consumption is associated with both high levels of bad LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels — two outcomes that most people with high cholesterol want to avoid.

That’s because fast foods aren’t always made with the most ideal ingredients for people with high cholesterol. Experts recommend a diet consisting of a variety of products, low in saturated fat, and limited in sodium To help lower cholesterol. Limiting fried foods is also a popular suggestion for those trying to lower their cholesterol. And since juicy burgers, crunchy french fries, and sweet soda are the perfect fast food combo, it’s safe to assume that frequenting a fast food joint isn’t a popular recommendation by cardiologists and other heart health experts.

Among the many menu options available at popular fast food restaurants, there are some meals that are better options for people with high cholesterol than others. As a general rule, sticking to dishes that aren’t fried, aren’t loaded with creamy sauces, and don’t contain large amounts of fatty meat, would be a better choice for people with high cholesterol.

If you frequent fast food joints for a quick meal and have high cholesterol, here are six commands you should avoid, as well as six better options for you to help keep your heart health in check.

Courtesy of Wendy’s

Made with three-quarters of a pound of beef, cheese sauce, and bacon jam, and topped with sautéed onions, sliced ​​bacon, and more cheese, this burger is loaded with more than a handful of ingredients that’s high in saturated fat, sodium, and other nutritional factors that people who want to eat must-haves. Suffering from high cholesterol reduce.

Just one of these burgers will fuel your body with 42 grams of saturated fat, or the type of fat you tend to eat Increased levels of bad cholesterol. For reference, the American Heart Association It is recommended to make saturated fats only 5% to 6% of the total calories you consume in the day. Therefore, if you are on a 2,000-calorie diet, you should only eat about 13 grams of saturated fat per day. In other words, this sandwich is the antithesis of what you should eat if you have high cholesterol.

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