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5 Tips For Pushing Past Mediocracy By Improving Productivity

I will never forget my social studies teacher. We asked why a lion does not break out of the cage. The answer was because he didn’t think he could.

Experts agree that the human body cannot run a mile in less than 4 minutes. “On May 6, 1954, Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute barrier, ran a 3:59.4… Barely a year after Bannister did, someone else ran a mile in under 4 minutes.” What sets Roger apart is his “win-win mentality”, clearly defined goals, and a laser focus on what he wants.

This story proves that having the right mindset can help us achieve our goals and advance the mediocre system. Focus on finding solutions, make the impossible possible!

Have fun and use creativity to get things done better. Enjoy the process of proving others wrong! For example, what aspect of your job do you dislike or find boring? Develop a way to make it more efficient or make it a game.

How do we find time to make improvements while managing our daily demands? These strategies should help:

1. Challenge yourself

To find a way to improve one aspect of your daily workload. Think about past successes to nurture yourself.

2. Limits of distributions

Put your cell phone away. Enjoy a clutter-free space.

3. Big rocks

Focus on what really matters and do that first.

4. Eat that frog

If you’re procrastinating on doing something critical, stop and do it! You will waste a lot of mental energy keeping it in the back of your mind. “Your frog is your most important task — what you are most likely to put off, and yet can have the greatest impact on your results.”


Set a timer and see how many small tasks you can get done in an hour.

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