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5 Good Reasons To Stop Arguing With A Narcissist

You can never argue with a narcissist and expect to win. Despite how much logic or explanations you have up your sleeve, arguing with narcissists is a waste of time.

Narcissists are toxic people who love to argue and make others feel miserable. So they are the only ones who gain from arguments involving narcissists. “The narcissist thinks they are entitled to everything, including your time, your emotions, and your self-respectexplain Sarah Newman, MA, Department of State, founding editor of the Poydras Review. If you find yourself arguing with a narcissist, resist the urge to stand up for your pride, get rid of your ego, and simply walk away.

Narcissists feed negativity

They like to feel superior by underestimating others. They love criticism, humiliation, insults, manipulation, and illumination of others to feed their fragile egos. When a narcissist realizes that you are mentally and emotionally weak, they take the opportunity to break you even more. They love the attention, the power to control you, and the conversation. So be careful about what you reveal to a narcissist. When you find yourself in an argument with a narcissist, don’t try to justify or explain yourself. Do not deal with them. The only way to win and keep your sanity is to not give them any attention and walk away.

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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and author Dan Newharth, Ph.D. MFT, WritesNarcissists often put others on the defensive with pointed questions or sarcasm, pretending as if you should explain yourself to them. You don’t need to justify your feelings or explain your thoughts. “Once you fall into their trap and start offering explanations, they will start to shine a light on you and make you doubt yourself. Neuharth adds.”Narcissists tend to be interested in winning rather than listening; Self-promotion, not communication.

5 good reasons to stop arguing with a narcissist

Reasons to stop arguing with a narcissist

If you often get into arguments with a narcissist, here’s why you never win and why you need to stop wasting your precious time on them.

1. A narcissist will never understand you

No matter how hard you try to use logic or justify yourself in an argument, the narcissist will never try to understand your point of view or your opinions. Relationship counselor Carrie Winn explainA narcissist won’t try to understand your point of view because the truth of the matter is that they simply don’t care. So it’s best not to engage in any heated discussion with a narcissist. It will just leave you feeling emotionally exhausted and drained.

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NarcissistsWired to be abusive because they are hypersensitive and completely lacking in empathy, so they are predisposed to insult and misunderstand someone else’s needs and views,” writes author Lindsey Dodgson at BusinessInsider Article – Commodity. So be sure to protect your emotional health, conserve your energy and protect your heart from abuse.

2. Narcissists pay attention and blame you

Narcissists are adept at dismissing everything and assigning blame. They are not responsible for anything. It’s always someone else’s fault when something goes wrong, even if they’re the only one responsible. The narcissist will be quick to divert attention from themselves and focus on you. Carrie writesIf you catch them in a lie and summon them, everything will suddenly go awry until you are blamed.They do this just to confuse, confuse, annoy you and make you stray from the main topic.

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