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4 Signs You’re Emotionally Drained (And What To Do)

Life isn’t easy and more often than not, it throws some serious curves your way and then there comes a time when everything feels so exhausting that you don’t know how to handle it. This is one of the many signs that you may be emotionally exhausted.

We’ve all heard it. We might have said it all. “I’m emotionally drained today!” However, we rarely think about the source of this phrase, or how literal these symptoms and sensations can be.

According to Healthline, emotional exhaustion is a state of extreme emotional exhaustion or depletion, from a buildup of stress from your work or personal life, or both.[1]

Sometimes, this term can also be used to describe “Burnt’, simply feeling manipulated too much and feeling the effects of a lack of energy to go on.

When we think about how fast the pace of our culture and society is, it is no surprise that we all fall victim to these symptoms and diseases.

We easily see these symptoms in demanding jobs, whether in offices or in manual work. However, emotional exhaustion can arise from any myriad of professions, from parenting to creative work to entrepreneurship.

No one is exempt from feeling emotionally drained, but there are ways to see that coming and arm yourself against it.

Here are some signs of feeling emotionally exhausted, and what you can do to help yourself and your loved ones.

Here are 4 signs you’re emotionally drained (and what to do)

1. Feeling “helpless” or “falling short” in life or in a particular situation.

When we feel emotionally exhausted, we have a hard time changing and expanding our perspective on any given situation. If we are struggling or trying to find a way out of a job, relationship, or problem, not feeling emotionally healthy can act as a powerful deterrent to creating and maintaining a new, positive outlook.

At some point, we will all feel stuck in a problem in life; This becomes a sign of emotional bleeding when you begin to feel that you are naturally stuck in this situation, with no energy or way out.

This can also manifest as a lack of motivation to seek new solutions, or a feeling that we have resolved to move past our problems and simply accept that things are not going to change for the better.

As a result, we may feel depressed, angry and irritable, which can manifest in the form of physical disturbances, such as headaches, physical fatigue, muscle pain, lack of sleep, and poor appetite. [2]

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The solution

One way to get around this sign of feeling emotionally drained is to seek help. This can be in the form of a dear friend or family member, or it may present itself in the form of professional help, such as a therapist, doctor, or alternative medicine therapist.

In many cases when we feel stuck and trapped in life, we have a hard time extricating ourselves from that constant negative cycle our mind goes through. This is really where the benefit of society can come into play.

Seeking help not only relieves you of the burden of feeling and overcoming this problem, but also allows you to receive input and perspective from the outside, a neutral source that can be the hack you need.

Other people can have a huge impact on the way our problems present themselves, showing us an alternative solution that we would never have thought of or found on our own.

2. Lack of motivation to work, be creative, and pursue goals and dreams.

Too much tension can burn even the most joyful plans and initiatives. It makes us feel that, no matter how hard we try, there isn’t enough emotional or energetic bandwidth to do anything at all.

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