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4 Signs of Mental Health Problems in Children

How do you know that your child suffers from psychological problems? What signs should you look for to understand that your child needs help?

The increasing suicide rates among young children have become a public health problem in the country. Parents should take extra care of young children to ensure that their children are emotionally healthy. Number of young children and adolescents taken to emergency centers for Suicide attempt doubled since the last decade.

If your children show signs of depression, anxiety and negativity in general, you should take them to see a mental health expert.

Here are some signs of mental health problems in children that you need to look out for:

1. Child mental health – social isolation

If you notice that your child is turning away from his friends, this is cause for concern. Watch out for turning down play dates and opting for lunch and breaks alone. Children usually like to play with other children. A child who prefers solitude to socialization may need professional help.

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2. Changes in their habits

Babies’ sleeping habits change over time. There will be periods when they feel the need to eat more and other times when their appetite will decrease. However, if you notice a noticeable change in their eating and sleeping habits for more than two weeks, you should take them to the doctor to see if they are sick. Ask your child if he or she has nightmares or is having trouble sleeping.

3. Excessive anxiety and fear

Contrary to what many adults think, children also feel anxious; As they get older and understand their surroundings better. They are more likely to worry. Thoughts about natural disasters, the sick around them, car accidents, etc. all creep into their daily thoughts and have an effect on their behaviours.

Being a supportive and empathetic parent can help alleviate their concerns. But if the anxiety becomes excessive and begins to affect their health, this is a major cause for concern.

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4. self harming

Self-harm is not limited to cutting out and harboring suicidal thoughts; They also include digging nails, pushing sharp objects or digging nails into the skin, pulling their hair, and repeatedly hitting their heads on a hard surface are all problematic signs.

If these behaviors persist, you should definitely seek help from a professional.

At Pearce Counselling, our pediatric mental health expert, Jaqueline, provides effective counseling for children in New York. With her experience and guidance, you can put an end to your child’s self-destructive behaviors.

Written by: Jacqueline D. Pearce, LMHC
Originally appeared on Pearce Counseling
Republished with permission
When to take your child to a therapist: 4 signs of mental health problems in children
When to take your child to a therapist: 4 signs of mental health problems in children

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