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20 Things You Should Not Do After a Breakup

There is no easy How to deal with a breakup. You can’t take a pill and be fine the next day. It’s a process that some of us take, and it can be really heartbreaking.

We all have different ways of dealing with breakups. Some people choose to be alone while others seek closure, but do you know what not to do after a breakup?

We need to know the things not to do after a breakup because most of the time we are so clouded by our feelings that we regret the actions.

If you have been through a difficult breakup or are wondering what not to do after a romance rejectionby reading.

20 things you should never do after a breakup

A breakup can drain you emotionally, cause painful moments, and many questions. emotional healing It’s hard when you’re faced with painful feelings, unanswered questions, and “what ifs.”

Since we feel strong emotions and feel hurt, we are prone to bad judgment, and with that comes impulsive actions that we end up with regret.

So, before we act weak after a breakup, check out these 20 tips for what not to do after a breakup.

1. Don’t call your ex girlfriend

The first thing not to do after breaking up advice is not to call your ex.

We understand. You still have a lot of questions, and sometimes, you feel disconnected, and can’t say what you want to say. After the breakup, you have these questions and the desire to communicate.

Even for fix your relationshipSpeak incomprehensible words, let your ex know about your resentment, or just because you miss him, stop there. Don’t call your ex for whatever reason.

2. Do not leave any contact open

To fully recover from a breakup, do not allow your lines of communication to open.

Deep down, if you let it, you wish your ex would call you first. Communication with your parents and former siblings may not be healthy and may prevent you from moving forward.

Delete your previous contact number (even if you know it by heart), their social media accounts, and their email address.

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3. Don’t stalk their social media accounts

This is one of the most common post-breakup problems and the number one thing when it comes to what not to do after a breakup. Don’t stalk your ex on their social media accounts.

Distract yourself from breaking up when you feel like checking out your ex Social media.

Sure, you might have blocked it, but stop yourself from creating another account to check out what’s new with your ex.

4. Don’t stay friends on social media

Some people think it’s okay to be friends with their ex on social media because they don’t want to appear bitter.

No need for that.

It’s hard to forget your ex if you always see her profile on your feed, right? Go ahead and click the “Unfriend” and “Unfollow” buttons.

If there comes a time when you move in and you want to be friends, you can add your ex back. As of now, focus on healing and moving forward.

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5. Don’t ask your mutual friends about your ex

Impulsive breakups include the temptation to check on your ex through your mutual friends.

It’s tempting to ask a friend, but don’t do it for yourself.

You are no longer connected, so don’t waste time, energy and emotions on someone who may have passed. It’s time to focus on yourself and how you can move forward.

6. Don’t chase yourself and compare yourself to their new partner

It was fine all the while it lasted, but now your ex has a new partner.

This is part of life, and that’s okay! Remember that you’re no longer together, and beat yourself up because someone new might not be as healthy for your mental health.

Just because they have a new partner doesn’t mean you should compare yourself and think you’re not good enough.

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7. Don’t stop your life

After a breakup, it’s okay to flop. Let’s say about a week. Call your friends, cry, watch sad movies, and pour your heart out.

It’s okay to let go of all the anger, sadness, and pain but then. Stand up, take a long bath, and start moving forward.

So, what not do after breakup? Don’t stay miserable for more than a few days.

8. Don’t pretend to be unaffected

Crying and being sad for more than a week isn’t good, but pretending you’re fine is.

Some people who refuse to feel pain or accept rejection will pretend that everything is fine. They will become more productive, hyperactive, and out every night.

Male psychology after separation He talks about how some guys can sometimes act like it’s all normal even when it’s not.

There is no skip button for that pain you feel. Allow yourself to grieve first, and when that heavy feeling subsides, move on with your life. Call your family and friends to support you.

9. Don’t try to be friends with your ex

It is possible to remain close friends with your ex. Some couples realize that they are better off as friends than lovers, but that won’t work for everyone.

Don’t reconnect with your ex and try to be friends with him right after the breakup.

You can’t force yourself to be friends with your ex. After a breakup, it’s only natural that you need space and fix your life first. Also, if your relationship was toxic and your breakup wasn’t going well, don’t expect to be best friends afterwards.

Allow the time and situation to be perfect, and once that happens, you two will probably be good friends.

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10. Don’t let your breakup spoil your work

Some people feel overwhelmed and lack the motivation to move on after a rough breakup. They don’t know what to do after breaking up with someone, which ultimately affects their work performance.

Instead of working, you may get distracted, lose focus and miss deadlines.

Don’t let your problems affect your work and performance, no matter how painful they are. If you think you can’t control your thoughts, it is a good idea to seek counseling after a breakup.

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11. Don’t let heartbreak stop you from socializing

What not to do after a breakup is to stop socializing.

We understand that it hurts, and you are not motivated to talk to anyone and make new friends. Though, ask yourself this, will it do you any good if you refuse to mingle?

Female psychology after a breakup focuses on feeling intense emotions, so going out with your family and friends may help you move on.

Do you feel like you have social anxiety? Katie Morton, a licensed therapist, discusses cognitive behavioral therapy and the three practical ways to overcome social anxiety.

12. Don’t look for a recovery

You found out that your ex has a new partner, so you decided to get a recovery because you’re still hurting.

Do not do this.

Getting a bounce isn’t something to do right after a breakup. You’re just pretending to move on, but you’re just complicating things.

Regardless, you are unfair to your new partner.

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13. Don’t say you’ll never love again

After a breakup, what you should do is never say that you will never love again.

It hurts, and right now, you don’t want to get involved in relationships and love. This is understandable, but love is a beautiful thing. Don’t let an unpleasant experience stop you from trying something beautiful again.

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14. Never call your ex when you are drunk

Here’s what not to do after a breakup and what you should remember even when you’re drunk. Never call your ex when you are drunk. Regardless of the reason, leave this phone and turn off.

before you lose self controlRemind your friends to get your phone and stop doing something you’ll regret the next day.

15. Don’t Answer the Booty Call

Another common scenario of what not to do after a breakup is when a broken-up person gets a call from an ex asking if they can meet for coffee.

This is a red flag out there, so please, do yourself a favor and say no.

It might just be a connection after a breakup, and you might not be able to Recovering from a meltdown If you join your ex for ‘coffee’.

16. Don’t store their stuff

You clean up and see their book collection. Oh, those sweaters and baseball caps, too.

It’s time to pack them, donate them, or get rid of them. There is no reason to keep it. In addition, you will need additional space.

17. Stop visiting your go-to places

Do you want to forget your ex-girlfriend? Start by avoiding your favorite bar, cafe, and restaurant.

This can slow down the recovery process, and it’s like doing something that could hurt you more.

18. Stop listening to your couple playlist

Instead of listening to a love song for the couple, switch your playlist to singles that make you feel hopeful and realize that you are strong enough to move on. Why dwell on sad love songs when you can create your own jam?

19. Don’t be angry with the world

Avoid the new Romantic Opportunities Or things that make you happy won’t help you.

Please don’t neglect your health, we are talking about physical, mental and emotional health by staying bitter and angry.

Stop punishing yourself for the things you can’t control. You’re only hurting one person here, not your ex.

It’s time to move on and get started self love.

20. Stop thinking that you will never be happy again

“Without this person, how can I be happy?”

Many people who have gone through a painful breakup may think that it is the end of the world. Some can give up depression.

This might be number one on our list of what not to do after a breakup.

Love yourself to find out Ending the relationship It’s not the end of the world. This doesn’t mean you’ll never smile or be happy again.

It’s a part of life, and it’s up to you if you’re going to look for a brighter tomorrow or dwell in the shadow of someone who’s already gone.

How long does it take to move on after a breakup?

Emotional recovery after a breakup does not have a specific time frame.

Every relationship is different than every breakup. There can be many things to consider, such as how long have you been together and how strong are you in emotional experiences?

You also need to think about the reason for the separation, if you have children, and the system of support and counseling that you will have.

Moving forward after the breakup will depend on your will. Every journey to recovery is different, but it is not impossible.

It may take three months, six months, or even a year, what matters is that you make progress and learn to love and respect yourself.

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How long should a person stay single after a breakup?

Some people feel ready to get into another relationship after a few months, but there’s nothing wrong with being single, especially when you think it’s time to focus on yourself first.

Get a pet, go back to school, start a new hobby, and have fun going out with friends. These are just a few things that you can explore while you’re single, so don’t be in a rush.

There is no time frame for how long you should stay single, but why not?

Enjoying your life is not bad at all, and besides that, you will know when the right person will come for you.


Facing the fact that your relationship ended is really painful. It will take a lot of sleepless nights and painful days to move on, but stop there if you think you won’t succeed.

Life won’t end when you end a relationship that it’s not meant to be.

You’ll move on faster by knowing what not to do after a breakup. Soon, you’ll see why that’s over, why you’re happy now, and why you’re hoping to fall in love again — soon.

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