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20 Sitting Positions and What They Say About You

Do you have different seating positions for dates, interviews, watching Netflix on your comfy sofa, or attending conferences? Or do you sit the same way all the time? Well, don’t be surprised! Your sitting position says a lot about your personality. Scroll down to learn about the different types of characters in a sitting position.

for you body language Says things you don’t communicate verbally. This post mainly focuses on how you sit. Your sitting position and how you maintain your hands and legs when sitting can reveal your feelings, moods, emotions, and the meaning behind what you are saying. This plays an important role in communication and making relationships.

What does your sitting position say about your personality and attitude?

So, in this post, I will discuss 20 different sitting positions (including sitting on the floor as well) and the personality traits associated with them. Read on to learn more about yourself.

1. Sit upright

20 Sitting Postures and What They Reveal Your Personality

People who always sit straight are very confident, strong and decisive. They have a helpful nature, and therefore people depend on them for comfort and support. Sitting upright with good posture also means that you are a fun-loving person.

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2. Sitting in a lying position

What does your sitting position say about your personality?

If you are sitting with your arms crossed, you are in control. You assess the situation without taking action and waiting for things to happen. Sitting slouched reflects a lack of interest or fatigue and may be considered a behavior problem.

3. Sitting while leaning forward

20 Sitting Postures and What They Reveal Your Personality

Curiosity is what drives your life. You have a spirit of exploration – traveling to new places and meeting new people always gives you fun. Even though you have an impressive attitude, sometimes you can lose control of your behavior.

4. Sit while leaning back

20 Sitting Postures and What They Reveal Your Personality

Posture refers to keel and indifferent attitude. is not it? But people who lean back while seated are actually heavier. They only make a decision after careful analysis and consideration.

5. Sit with ankles crossed

When your ankles cross with the legs slightly open, this is a neat and relaxed pose. Sitting like this indicates that you prefer to be comfortable. You are a humble and open-minded person, who makes others around you feel confident.

Admiring this attitude also means that you like things to be under your control. In the workplace, this situation can also indicate anxiety and defensiveness. However, sitting with ankles crossed and knees close together (hiding a little of your legs), means that you are safe and confident in yourself.

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6. Sit with ankles wide

What does your sitting position say about your personality?

If you sit with your knees close together and your ankles apart, it means that you are creative, adventurous and charismatic. These traits help you to make friends easily.

But your habit of making decisions in a hurry can put you in trouble. However, your charming appearance can save you from difficult situations.

7. Sit with legs closed together

20 Sitting Postures and What They Reveal Your Personality

People who sit with legs close together but not crossed are calm and collected. They love to complete any task with perfection. It’s no wonder why they always have a neat and well organized personal space. They are also known to be intelligent, honest, honest and rational thinkers.

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