20 Perfect Curly Hairstyles for Mixed Girls For Any Event

We know how frustrating it can be to find the perfect hairstyle you’ve always wanted for your hair, but because of the texture of your hair, you just can’t find it. Being multiracial is nothing to be embarrassed about, but it is about embracing your true self and being confident while flaunting your true beauty.

Let’s start by finding the most suitable styles for mixed girls with curly hair. First, find out what type of curl you have, whether it’s wavy, wavy, loose or tight curls. Even the size of the braid or the pattern can be different, so limit that as well.

Mixed girls with curly hair ideas

No need to be frustrated while managing your hair. With these curly hairstyles for mixed girls, you can easily have a perfect hair day and embrace your natural curls.

1. Afro Curls With Blond Highlights

Mixed girls with curly hair can opt for this hairstyle and add a lot of texture to their hair. With these locks, you will have multiple hair styling options to choose from. By going with blonde highlights, you can show off your curls, build length and give your hair a funky look.

2. Light brown curly hair

Dye your hair a light brown for a subtle look that matches almost every skin tone. This is a great look that is simple and easy to maintain. But be sure to avoid salt water as it can make your color fade quickly.

3. Purple Curls

You have to be very careful while choosing this shade, as it may not suit every skin tone. However, mixed girls with curly hair can definitely opt for this look.

Preserves afro hair and defines each ring. Moreover, you can turn your boring style into cool style with this look.

4. Black Curls With Bangs

Use these medium length braids that will make your locks fall beautifully. This look suits triangle shaped faces as the open locks and bangs frame it perfectly. You can also apply a little serum to add shine to your hair.

5. Copper Brown Curls

The copper brown braids are likely to give you a sun-kissed effect and highlight your rings well. You can wear this style on any special occasion. Simply put on a chic chestnut dress, add some makeup with a dark lip shade, and you’re all set for the action.

6. Ultra Curly Bob

If you want to make your tones more compact with a cool look, then choose this look. This style is excellent for a beachy look. You can either leave your locks as is or even use gel to make them look more defined.

7. Curls with copper highlights

In order to get a unique and beautiful look, go with this curly copper hairstyle. Brass accents at the ends will save you from getting regular touch-ups and elevate your look through the appearance of braids.

8. 3A highlighting curls

These signature braids are easy to do and likely to look good on everyone. Since they are not specified, they will be easy to design and maintain. With dark roots, you don’t have to go through the burden of getting regular touch-ups.

9. Ombre curly top knot

Another simple hairstyle that you can make when sitting at home is this simple bun. If you want to remove your hair from your face, just pull it up and roll it into a bun. Moreover, the ombre shade will be clearly visible in the form of a bun.

10. 3C . Long Curls

The long black curly hairstyle may take a little longer for the mixed girls to style the hair perfectly. Washing, styling and applying all products can take hours to keep them healthy. However, they look great and add shine to your face.

11. 3C Blonde Pixie Braids

You don’t need long, luscious locks to flaunt your style. Mixed girls with curly hair can get great texture and definition with this look.

You can create a contrast between your hair and skin by dyeing the braid a honey blonde shade. Take advantage of a good hair conditioner to smooth out your curls.

12. Missy Curly Ponytail

If you are looking for a comfortable and easy hairstyle, this is the perfect choice. Here, you just have to pull your hair into a ponytail and leave the rest of your curls on top. This way, you can even highlight your graduated hair color.

13. The Key Braids Updo

Although frizzy hair can be difficult to deal with, some hairstyles are easy to style and make you look cool and cute. This can be a top ponytail hairstyle. You can leave two strands in the front and let them fall across your forehead to show your figure.

14. Thick curly hair

Another great way to give your natural locks the look of your hair is this hairstyle. Since this hairstyle does not require any coloring, it will not damage your locks and at the same time, gives you a neat and elegant look.

15. Short Red Braids

A great way to spice up this short curly hairstyle is by coloring the hair strands in this shade of red. This will give you a natural look while adding a little touch. It is recommended to use a non-toxic hair dye to avoid hair damage.

16. Curls Updo With Headband

If you take care of the right hair for your locks, you can definitely get an amazing mane. To get this look, you just have to tie up your locks, leave some strands in the front and wear a headband that will add a funky and youthful look.

17. Double Bun Hairdo

Space buns are a great and cute way to style the curly locks for mixed girls. To achieve this, you just have to part your hair in the middle and tie it into two buns. Push your hair a little more to make it look more pop.

18. 4A Curls with Highlights

To enhance your small tones, highlights can be a great option. By adding a few pieces of brighter, you can make your curls pop without much damage to your hair.

19. Caramel Blonde Blond

Another way to add a little touch to your locks is to dye them a caramel blonde color. Although it will look great, you need to moisturize it to bring life back to your hair. Universal blonde can cause a lot of damage, so take good care of your hair to keep it healthy.

20. Dark Purple Braids

Maintaining dark shadows can be difficult, but don’t worry, you will find a way to manage them. If you are looking for a vibrant or bright shade, go for this purple look. You can use a special shampoo or go for nourishing treatments to maintain your frizzy, colour-treated hair.

These were curly hairstyles that mixed girls could easily design if done correctly. With curly hair, you can pull off any hairstyle. All you have to do is take care of the right hair before and after the hairstyle and moisturize and moisturize it constantly to keep it healthy.

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