20 Layered Wavy Haircut Trends to Swoon Over

Sometimes your hair will look great, but it’s a little flat. Classes help with that. It helps in giving wavy hair a natural flow and also helps in managing hair that might be too thick without all the layers in it.

All the hairstyles below combine different styles, colors, and aesthetics to create options you might like for your wavy, layered hair.

There is a lot to choose from, so you will surely find the look you like, whether it is very natural or very unique with the ability to stand out.

Layered wavy hair ideas to create your new look

Check out the many styles below, and see which ones you like. There is definitely something for everyone on this list. You can also mix and match with patterns, so let’s see what we have to offer!

1. Vibrant red layers

These vibrant red layers in your hair will really help make your waves look more like curls.

They will also help give your hair a slightly choppy look around the sides and bangs to add some texture and movement so you always look windswept.

2. Defined waves with graduated hair

Layered hairstyles like this are really cool. These waves are highly defined and follow a curl pattern that looks very elegant and well put together. The hair is absolutely perfect and starts out as a light brown and slowly develops into a beautiful blonde color, giving an ombre look.

3. Messy Brown Wavy Look

Here’s a look where the hair is too thick to be manageable by having layers in it. The pattern is very trendy and the waves don’t follow any particular wave pattern so it looks very free.

4. Nice waves with bangs

How about a simple everyday look that you are sure to enjoy? Here you have a layered haircut for wavy hair that helps emphasize the light wave around the face.

The bangs help draw attention to the face as well, and this helps emphasize where the waves are in this look.

5. Perfect waves with subtle layers

This layered haircut for wavy hair is very precise and helps keep waves in check. Waves are very similar to curls in that they are perfectly laid and shaped, but they still lack that curly look completely.

There is a side parting and plenty of volume on top.

6. Long blonde waves

You can’t beat a super long, curly wavy look as the hair starts out straight and brown and progresses to a blonde and wavy look.

A few gentle layers help accentuate the waves downward and help keep hair soft, too.

7. Layered Bob

Pop cute layers like these suit many occasions. It’s totally classic and the waves add tons of volume.

The layers are very neat but visible around the face. The waves are extra thick and gently styled to give a sophisticated but also casual look.

8. Extra thick wavy style

Dark roots and blonde locks make this alluring. These layers help keep extremely thick hair in check, and the layers help bring out different areas of nice thick waves.

It is a very feathery look that is darker on top and much lighter everywhere else, creating a look of classic beauty.

9. Thick Layered Wavy Hair

In this look, there are layers to emphasize volume. Layers allow some of the waves to sit in a curly spiral on top of the hair while the hair underneath is more gently wavy.

It adds a lot of dimension to this look, and is highly desirable for someone with usually darker, straighter hair.

10. One-sided red waves

You will find this look very elegant. This layered haircut for curly hair pushes all the hair to one side.

The hair is well layered to help add volume and dimension to perfectly styled loose waves.

11. Nice blonde waves

You’ll be happy with this everyday style that is easy to imitate and maintain. The waves are loose and loose and don’t form a particular pattern, and the layers in the hair help prevent the hair from getting too thick.

Layers make this style more manageable for the average person who doesn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to their hair every morning.

12. Stylish multi-layered look

Most of the hair is pushed to one side and falls nicely from the face, and some hair is pushed behind the ears to give a sleek look that focuses on the face. This multi-layered look has very subtle layers that add a little structure to the hair wave style.

13. Long thick hair with layers

Light hair colors help to show off waves and layers well. The hair is very long and loose with a nice wave pattern. Layers are great because they help keep hair manageable and flaunt the waves.

14. Long brown hair with cute waves

Here the waves and layers in the hair are cute. Layers help keep hair thin and in control, waves are understated and natural and can be achieved by anyone. It’s a daily look.

15. Split Bright Pink Hairstyle

People who want to be unique will love this, as there are two shades of pink in the hair.

The waves are very subtle and the layers help give a choppy, lock-in effect, creating an overall edgy vibe that looks great on younger guys.

16. Layered Pixie Bob

The layers in this look help add some definition and dimension to this delightfully simple pixie bob. These hairstyles often get washed out, but the layers ensure that this doesn’t happen.

The waves also help add definition to it, they work very gently through the bangs and there are plenty of waves at the back of the head.

17. Perfectly coordinated bob

These waves are perfectly styled with the front bangs forming the finger wave look. The rest of the hair has some light layers in it.

The layers rock right into the position of the waves as they shape and curl almost like a style at the back of the hair.

18. A natural tall look for a mature woman

Older women will find this style attractive. It is a very natural look as hair with two shades of gray can be achieved by letting your hair grow when you are older.

The waves are very natural and follow their natural loose pattern, and there are some layers that help all the different shades of hair. You’ll prove that silver and gray hair can stay stylish.

19. Long Shining Silver Hairstyle

Silver hair is absolutely stunning. Layered waves help look their best. The long locks fall on the chest area, and there is a lot of volume in the style. The tufts are well spread around the face.

20. Blonde Waves with Dark Roots

The dark blonde roots help out in this haircut a lot. Wearing dark clothes helps accentuate the look more. There are two shades of blonde in the waves here, so you’ll want to highlight that.

The different layers of hair help to bring out the different tones in the hair and the different wave patterns that run throughout the overall style.

There are many different styles that are suitable for people with different types of wavy hair. If you love these layered hairstyles for wavy hair, feel free to get one for yourself.

You will really start to feel confident in your new look. When you change your appearance, you are also changing a part of who you are on the inside, because what is on the outside often helps bring out the best on the inside.

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